OraMD 100% Pure Breath Spray | Trusted Health Products Review

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Hi Friends!  I have something different to share with you today!  I recently had the chance to try out OraMD, a 100% Pure Breath Spray from Trusted Health Products. Check it out below:

This spray is made with 100% pure botanical oils of almond, spearmint, and peppermint. One spritz is literally all you need and your mouth feels fresh for at least a good hour. It freshens your breath AND kills the cause of bad breath on contact (ingredients are clinically proven to kill peridontal bacteria!). It definitely has a strong minty taste and feel, but no sweetness or burning sensation. I love keeping this product on me when I'm working closely with clients for makeup or nails. It's easier than popping a mint that only lasts for a few minutes, and it's not obnoxious like chewing gum!

I highly recommend this to anyone looking for fresh breath :)  

For a limited time, the manufacturer is willing to offer my readers one FREE bottle. They said they would love to have my readers try out Breath and agreed to send one bottle FREE if our readers would pay a minimal shipping and handling charge. This is a one-time only offer! Click here to get your FREE bottle now!

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NEW! Hawaii Collection by OPI For Spring 2015 (Nail Polish Pictures & Review)

Press Sample

Hi friends!! I finally have swatches of OPI's Hawaii Collection ready for you to check out!  There's a nice variety of colors and finishes in this set, and tons of perfect Spring colors for all:

-Do You Take Lei Away?-
A nice beige nude cream 
2 layers shown here:

-Is Mai Tai Crooked?-
A bright tangerine cream
(2 layers shown)

-Suzi Shops & Island Hops-
Bright pastel pink cream 
2 layers shown:

-That's Hula-rious!-
A perfect mint green cream
2 layers shown:

-Hello Hawaii Ya?-
Dusty purple with a hint of gray
2 layers shown:

-Lost My Bikini in Molokini-
Bright 'blurple' cream
2 layers shown:

-Aloha From OPI-
Super bright coral cream
2 layers shown:

-Go With The Lava Flow-
Medium orange with a gold shimmer
2 layers shown:

-Just Lanai-ing Around-
Dusty mauve with a slight purple tint and subtle shimmer
2 layers shown:

-Pineapples Have Peelings Too!-
A frosty yellow base with multi-colored glitters
3 layers shown here

-My Gecko Does Tricks-
Shimmery bright green 
2 layers shown:

This Color's Making Waves 
Shimmery blue with a touch of turquoise & gunmetal flash
2 layers shown:

Over all, I thought this collection was a ton of fun, and the formulas on these were all fantastic.  My favorites were "This Color's Making Waves", "That's Hula-rious", and "Suzi Shops & Island Hops". Which ones are your favs, and what do you think of "Pineapples Have Peelings Too!"?  (I definitley don't own anything else like it! ha!).

These are available now wherever OPI is sold!

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NEW! Zoya Delight Collection For Spring 2015! (Nail Polish Pictures & Review)

Press Sample

Hello friends!  Spring is finallllly slowly making it's way here in New Jersey, and these beauties from Zoya are absolutely helping me get in the mood!

Behold, the Zoya Spring 2015 collection- Delight!

"pistachio gelato green" is how Zoya describes this, and it is a 100% accurate description. 
No wonder this color made me hungry! 
(2 layers shown here):

"Faded aquamarine" creme. I always love these types of colors for spring, and this one applied nice & smoothly! 
(3 layers shown):

"classic Spring flower pink with a glossy cream finish". LOVE this shade! 
(2 layers):

"dewy, Spring blue metallic with an energizing turquoise metallic flash". 
I may have squealed out loud when I put this on. GORGEOUS!
 (3 thin layers shown):

"soft Spring lavender with with an energizing turquoise metallic flash". Another stunner! 
(3 layers):

"refreshing lemon merengue yellow metallic with energizing turquoise metallic flash". 
This one reminded me of the grass that comes in different colors  that you put in Easter baskets! 
 (3 layers):

This collection is another win for Zoya, in my opinion :D  These shades can be purchased from their website here: www.zoya.com! Will you be picking any of them up?

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NEW! OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effects Nail Polish System (Pictures & Review)

Press Sample

Hi friends!  I'm back today with a few shades from OPI's new Infinite Shine Gel Effects line!  Here's the 411, straight from the mouths of OPI (via their press release):

"OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effects Lacquer System, offers the rich color, intense shine and lasting wear of gels Рwithout the need for LED-light curing or soak-off removal. Available in 30 new shades (plus Primer base coat and Gloss top coat), Infinite Shine utilizes a three-step system to deliver a high-shine classic cr̬me finish for nails that lasts up to 10 days.

Infinite Shine includes a full range of fashion-forward shades ranging from neutrals to bright reds, oranges and pinks to dark gray, blue and black hues: Pretty Pink Perseveres, From Here to Eternity, She Went On and On and On, Girl Without Limits, Running with the In-finite Crowd, Endurance Race to the Finish, No Stopping Me Now, Unrepentantly Red, Unequivocally Crimson, Relentless Ruby, In Pursuit of Purple, Grapely Admired, Can’t Be Beet!, Raisin’ the Bar, We’re in the Black, Get Ryd-of-thym Blues, Indignantly Indigo, To Infinity & Blue-yond, Withstands the Test of Thyme, To the Finish Lime!, Maintaining My Sand-ity, Tanacious Spirit, Brains & Bronze, Set in Stone, Never Give Up!, Strong Coal-ition, Steel Waters Run Deep, Staying Neutral, It Never Ends and You Can Count on It.

Infinite Shine is applied via a three-step system; first, apply Infinite Shine Primer (Step 1) to prevent staining and increase lacquer durability. Next, select one of 30 shades (Step 2) and paint two thin, even coats for richly-pigmented, vivid color. Finally, finish with Infinite Shine Gloss (Step 3), which features a state-of-the-art gel polymer formula that cures in natural light. Product can be removed easily with Expert Touch Nail Lacquer Remover; no soaking is required."

Here are the shades that I got to try. Each of them applied smoothly and with just 2 layers of polish each. Shown with the Infinite Shine Primer, Color, and Shine Gloss Top Coat:

I absolutely love the shine on these polishes!  I wore Set In Stone for 5 days and I had zero chips, and still a ton of shine.  I highly recommend checking these out.

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Esqido Lashes~ Oh So Sweet Mink False Eyelashes (Review & Pictures)

Press Sample

Hi friends!  I have some beautiful lashes from Esqido to show you today!

How gorgeous is the box too!?
I've been hearing about mink lashes for awhile now, but had yet to try them. Now that I have---I'm hooked. ESQIDO mink lashes are handmade and incredibly soft. They truly feel like you have nothing on!  I am wearing the style "Oh So Sweet", which have a flowy, criss-crossed design:

These lashes will run you a bit more than the drugstore variety and it's for a great reason- with proper care, they can be worn up to 25 times! I cannot stress enough how comfortable these were to wear. I usually am very *aware* of the false lashes I wear (they itch, or are heavy and irritating), and I was able to completely forget that I even had these on. Needless to say, I highly recommend these!

Be sure to visit Esqido's website here, and check out their fascinating FAQ's page while you're there!

Have you tried Esqido lashes yet?  Which style is your fav?

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Friday Night Nails-Waterfall Nail Art

Hi polish friends!  What's happening?
  I'm not sure exactly when, but somewhere along the way in life, Fridays went from celebrating the beginning of the weekend with a party, to instead looking forward to spending some quality time with my nails :-) Here is what I was working on tonight... Waterfall Nail Art:

Base color:
 Zoya Brittany

Zoya Ziv (the best gold poish eva!)
Color Club Harp On It (crazy holographic silver),
KBShimmer Eyes White Open (white cream)
 KBShimmer Eclipse (black cream)

I'm really psyched about this color combo together!  What are you doing with your Friday night?

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~NEW~ KBShimmer Spring 2015 Collection! (Nail Polish & Vinyl Nail Decals Pictures & Review)

Press Sample

Hi nail friends!  KBShimmer has a brand new Spring collection out and it is fabulous!  Here's a sampling of some of the new shades (to see the full collection, visit www.kbshimmer.com!)

 To Peach His Own
Light peach cream/jelly base with multi-colored glitter
(3 layers shown here)

Cool Hand Cuke
A minty green base with triangle, hex, circle and star glitters
(3 layers)

I'm So Sweet Pea
Pale purple base with mint, pink, purple & turquoise glitters
(3 layers)

Funky Cold Patina
A turquoise green base with copper, blue, and purple glitter
(3 layers)

Blush Money
Peachy rose with gold holographic shimmer
(2 layers)

Ins And Sprouts
A pale green citron with holographic shine
(2 layers)

Eyes White Open
An opaque, creamy white
(2 layers)

KBShimmer also has new vinyl nail decal sheets! There is a Spring design one featuring tulips, Easter eggs, butterflies, bunnies and zigzags. Here's a look I did using the eggs & zig zags:

And they also came out with SWIRLS!!  I absolutely love these! (I'm wearing KBShimmer colors "Prism Break", "In Bare Form", and "Eclipse" from previous collections):

These can be purchased from KBShimmer's website here!  Which ones do you like the best??

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NEW! Zoya Nautrel Satins (Nail Polish Pictures & Review)

Press Sample

I'm always a huge fan of Zoya's "Transitional" collections that come out each year around this time. They are typically neutrals and those are my favs, bringing us easily (eh-em, transitioning us) into Spring!  This year's collection, the "Naturel Satins", is beautiful! Comprised of dusty neutrals with a sleek satin finish, there's a color for everyone.  Check them out :

(2 layers shown)
"light toasted almond cream"

(2 layers)
"rose mauve cream"

(2 layers)
"lavender tinged taupe cream"

(2 layers)
"suede taupe cream"

(2 layers)
"mossy sage green cream"

(2 layers)
"misty slate grey cream"

These beauties can be purchased from Zoya's website here! Which ones will you be grabbing?!

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