Review: VII Code O2M Oxygen Eye Mask

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Hi friends! I recently had the chance to try this VII Code O2 Oxygen Eye Mask for dark circles:

According to the box, this Oxygen Eye Mask provides essential vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, botanicals, peptides and essential fatty acids to combat darkness under the eyes. The cool thing about this particular mask is that you wear it overnight for 8 hrs. They recommend doing a mask 2-3 times per week for best results. Each box contains 6 masks, and they recommend 3 boxes as a course of treatment. Each mask comes wrapped individually like so:

The gel pads have a very soft, gel texture that I thought would be extremely sticky, but were surprisingly comfortable and not sticky at all. They give a slight cooling sensation when applied, similar to a cucumber. They stay on easily and I had no problem keeping them on throughout the night, and they remove easily after use leaving no residue or tackiness behind.  I've now used them 3 times, and find my under eye area to be very refreshed after each use. 

These masks get a big "thumbs up" from me. I'd probably use 2 per week going forward to get a little more use per box. They are a great addition to my skin care routine! 

These VII Oxygen Eye Masks can be purchased here

Have you tried any eye masks? Which are your favorite?  

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NEW! Zoya Naturel 3 Collection! (Nail Polish Swatches & Review Plus Nail Art)

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Hi friends! I'm back today with some pictures of Zoya's latest collection, Naturel 3 (you can see my reviews of Naturel 1 here and Nautrel 2 here!). If the Naturel collections are new to you, here's what you need to know- the consist of neutrals for every skin tone imaginable! Let's check out the newest 6 shades:

Details: For all the pictures above, I used 2 coats of polish. The formula on these are my favorite, dense but not too thick with opaque coverage in ALMOST in one coat!  

And here's a quick nail art look I did using Debbie as the base and Jill as the accent color (Quick Tip: These polishes work well for nail stamping, which is what I did here!) Note: this pic was take with flash, so colors appear slightly more muted:

The Naturel 3 collection can be purchased from Zoya's website here! Look for my post next week for my review of Zoya's coordinating lipstick shades for this collection!

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OPI Breakfast At Tiffany's Collection For Holiday 2016! (Nail Polish Swatches & Review)

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Friends!! Here we are, officially in full Holiday swing and I have OPI's "Breakfast At Tiffany's" collection to share today! Let's jump right in...this collection has 12 regular polishes and 6 of OPI's "Infinite Shine" formulas as well. We'll start with the regular ones first:

Breakfast At Tiffany's: a soft baby pink with flecks of shimmer
 Layers shown: 3

 I Believe In Manicures: as close to "Tiffany blue" as we're going to get!
Layers shown: 2

 Champagne For Breakfast: a silvery holographic glitter top coat
Layers shown: 2 over "I Believe In Manicures"

 Five-and-Ten-: a metallic rosy silver
Layers shown: 3

 Apartment For Two: creamy hot pink
Layers shown:2

 Meet My "Decorator": an orange/red creme
Layers Shown: 2

 Fire Escape Rendezvous: A matte ruby with glitter
Layers Shown: 2

 Got The Mean Reds: A perfect, shiny red creme
Layers Shown: 2

 Can't Read Without My Lipstick: deep burgundy creme
Layers Shown: 2

 Sunrise...Bedtime!: A rosy holographic glitter
Layers Shown: 2 (over "Can't Read Without My Lipstick")

 Rich & Brazilian: A deep wine with shimmery flecks
Layers Shown: 2

 Black Dress Not Optional: Shimmery black
Layers Shown: 2
And here's the 2nd half of the collection, the Infinite Shines. These are gel-like polishes that do not require a UV lamp, and have a long wear time and, as the name implies- infinite shine!

I Believe In Manicures: (this is the only one that is offered in both 
regular polish and Infinite Shine for this collection)
Layers Shown: 2

Girls Love Pearls: A true shimmery pearl shade
Layers Shown: 2

 Can't Tame A Wild Thing: Warm orange leaning red creme
Layers Shown: 2

 Ring The Buzzer Again: Pinky/red creme
Layers Shown: 2

 Party At Holly's: deep mahogany creme
Layers Shown: 2

I'll Have A Manhattan: Deep dark purple creme
Layers Shown: 2

I did some nail art using colors from the collection and posted it on my Instagram...if you like seeing nail art, come follow me there too! (<<<click there for link)

Final Thoughts: Here's where I confess that, although it's been on my "list", I've never watched "Breakfast At Tiffany's" 😦😦😦 These beauties are inspiring me though and I'd love to 'get' the references from the names. For more info, check out www.opi.com. These are available now wherever OPI is sold! Which are your favs?

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NEW! Zoya Enchanted Holiday 2016 Collection | Nail Polish Pictures, Swatches, & Review

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Zoya's beautiful Holiday collection, Enchanted, is out and it is gorgeous!  Comprised of 4 "Pixie Dust" and 2 regular formula polishes in shades of blue, plum, violet and green, this collection is a refreshing twist on what we typically see around Holiday time in the nail polish world. If you are unfamiliar with their Pixie Dust formula, you must acquaint yourself with it- a textured, glitter polish that dries matte (and very quickly!) and wears like iron on your nails. Seriously...these are the longest wearing in my experience, and I always reach for them if I know I'm going away and won't have a chance to touch up chipped nails. But enough of my rambling, let's look at these beauties...

Saint- Periwinkle with a purple shift (2 layers shown)

Olivera- indigo with a green and purple shift (2 layers shown)
 I mean...check this stunner out with the flash!!

Alice- periwinkle with magenta and blue sparkles/ Pixie Dust formula ((2 layers shown)

Elphie- emerald green Pixie Dust formula (2 layers shown)

Lorna- deep berry/Pixie Dust formula (2 layers shown)

Waverly- deep blue sapphire/ Pixie Dust formula (2 layers shown)

Final Thoughts: These are all winners in my book. I especially love Olivera ...and there's just something extra juicy about Lorna that has to be seen in real life!

These can be purchased from Zoya's website now! Which will you be snatching up??

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NEW! OPI Infinite Shine Iconic Collection (Nail Polish Pictures and Review)

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OPI has recently added some of their "Iconic" shades (30, to be exact!) to their permanent Infinite Shine range. If you're unfamiliar with the Infinite Shine collection, you need to acquaint yourself ;)  These nail lacquers give a gel-like shine, without the use of a UV light (there is a coordinating Infinite Shine base coat and top coat that are recommended though).  I have a few of them to share with you today! Some of these really brought back memories...when I went to nail school in 1998, my kit came with the OPI shades "Strawberry Margarita" and "Cajun Shrimp"!  Still classic colors today, which indeed makes them Iconic :D

Let's check them out!

The Details: The lighter colors (Funny Bunny, Bubble Bath, and Dulce de Leche) were slightly sheer, so I used 3 layers of polish for these photos. The rest were opaque in with just 2 layers. Side note, Dulce de Leche is more pink leaning in real life- I had a difficult time capturing it on film!

Final Thoughts: I really felt like I went down nail polish memory lane with these shades! I remember buying these in the regular formula when some of them first came out! And I gotta say, almost 20 years has passed since I first wore Strawberry Margarita and Cajun Shrimp, and they are still fan-fricking-tastic shades of polish!  

These can be purchased now at all OPI retailers!  For more info, visit www.opi.com!

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