Back to the beginning of my cosmetic addiction

I remember being 11 years old and for the first time having my own source of income- my paper route.  I was a paper girl.  I loved having that responsibility and everything that came with it.  I actually enjoyed wearing the screaming, fluorescent yellow news bag to carry the news around my neighborhood.  By far though, my new found income was the MOST exciting. I was bringing home an average of $20 a week.  Twenty bucks in my 11 yr old hands.....what was I going to do with it??  Go straight to CVS of course!  Right to the Health & Beauty section. I could not get there fast enough.   A super light CoverGirl Blush in a soft peachy color & the NUDEST lipstick ever made were my first purchases.  And it was all downhill (or maybe rather a snowball?) from there.  I remember asking my mother before if I could wear makeup to school.  She said, "not yet"... But now that I had my own money, and was wearing these shades that hardly showed (but I knew they were there!) she didn't seem to mind.  Maybe my Mom was just trying to stave off what would become a lifelong addiction! ( I did convince her to buy me some Lee Press On Nails the previous year as part of my birthday gift....this helped to nurture my nail obsession as well).

Right around the same time that I started asserting my cosmetic freedom, my Nana sent me to "Finishing School".  Finishing school? None of my friends were doing that.  I was fascinated.  The place had a runway where they taught you to walk (until then, I had no idea there was a "right" way *wink *wink) and the office and training area were covered in wall to wall, pink shag carpeting. The walls were entirely covered in mirrors.  The instructors would put on music, teach us how to walk, smile, pose, and speak properly. They also gave us "tips" for personal grooming.  I remember my instructor looking down at my nails in horror and saying something about how it is not "right" to wear chipped nail polish.  I wanted to shrivel up and hide my nails but it was too late..  I saw that disapproving glance she gave me!  GASP!  While this Finishing School ended up being more of a plot to try to convince some people that their children were natural models and spokeswomen and only need to pay for 5,000 classes and then they could make it in The Business, I still took away a few things from it.  People noticed if your nail polish was chipped. =)

Besides taking care of my family, I spend a good amount of my awake time thinking about what eye shadow/ blush/ lip gloss/ nail color/ new ____ I need to try next. While I adore many "Prestige" cosmetic brands (having actually worked for one in the past), I also can't pass up trying a "Cheapy" too.  I love being surprised by these, and finding good quality Cheapies is like an ongoing Treasure Hunt.  Some of my favorite brands at the moment include Bare Escentuals, Urban Decay, OPI, CND, and Zoya.  I am always looking for suggestions, and I am hoping this blog will bring me many new cosmetic adventures, as well as share mine with you!