For My Fellow Bare Escentuals Lovers- Comparisons for Urban Decay Naked Palette VS BE shadows

I know many people like me, who own 100's of eye shadows, but still are on the quest for MORE!  I own tons of Bare Escentuals eye shadows, but I was still fascinated by the Urban Decay Naked Palette (see previous posts).  Here are my closest comparison swatches of BE vs UD....keep in mind, there may be even better BE dupes out there, but these are what I had in my arsenal.  The one color I had the most trouble matching up was "Naked"....I don't seem to own anything like that....then again, not many of my BE shadows are matte (like Naked) so that was most of the problem.  While picking my comps, I tried to stay in the same vein of how the shadows behave once applied....were they gleamy? shimmery?  dull? more difficult to blend?  You get the idea =)
Check them out!

First half of the UD palette vs BE:  ***click on pics to enlarge***The first pic is in more natural lighting:

 Same swatches, but w/flash:

Here is the second half of the palette....unfortunately, I only got natural lighting and not one w/flash also (sorry!)

Hopefully if you don't already own the Naked palette, but do have some BE, this will help you decide if it's necessary.  In my opinion, I would buy it again in a second.  I love BE, but nothing beats being able to take all your shadows with you in one sleek case.  I know when I travel back East in the summer, this is the only eye makeup I need to bring- No messing around! 

Let me know what you think!

Wet n' Wild Color Icon Review "I'm Getting Sunburned"

So I have been slowly becoming obsessed with trying all of these.  As mentioned before, they are under $3 each, so I don't feel too bad doing so!

This trio is called "I'm Getting Sunburned".  It has a pretty, opalescent pink for the brow bone, dark warm brown for the crease, & a shimmery gold for the lid.
Check it out!
This is what it looked like on:

I was worried that the pink would be too dark to highlight with, but it came out pretty cool. I am really amazed at the amount of color payoff these shadows give.  So far they have all been great.  Perfect way to try new colors and stay on a budget.... LOVE these trios!


Wet N' Wild Color Icon Trio Review

Wow.  If you EVER told me I'd be purchasing any product from the "Wet n' Wild" line, I'd say you were a crazy nut.  But I keep seeing these things at the drugstore and I had this nagging desire to try them.  Plus, they are only $2.99 each, so what the heck.  It seems that WnW is currently revamping their line and their packaging.  Here is the first of a few I've tried and had really surprisingly good results with. This is their Color Icon Eye Shadow Trio called "I'm Feelin' Retro"

Surprising amount of color payoff from these!  Plus, they are even labeled with "eyelid", "crease", & "browbone", so they are super quick and easy to follow!  ** click on pic to enlarge & see more detail*
When I used this set, I paired it with Bare Escentuals Mineral Liner in "Marina" (a dark blue-black). 
Have you tried any of these yet??  I am feeling the "itch" to collect them all!


Revlon Gray Suede Nail Polish Swatch

I am loving this color that I picked up yesterday....Gray Suede by Revlon.  I've never been a huge fan of Revlon's nail polishes...never liked the texture, so I gave up on them for awhile.  I saw this color and decided to give it a try and I really liked the formula.  My only complaint is the brush (skinny, old fashioned type) but I can live with it for now. 
This is truly a NUDE polish.....it's slightly more brown once it dries on the nail (compared to how it looks in the bottle).  Goes with everything!

Just In Time For Valentine's Day: Physician's Formula Happy Booster Face Powder

Physician's Formula always has great packaging and this one is SUPER cute.  The packaging is so girly.  These powders, bronzers, and blushes have a light violet scent that is said to boost your mood.  While I'm not sure about that, I can say that I love the product....I picked up the face powder in "Translucent", which actually applies more like a highlighter. 

The swatches on my fingers and hands above were from swiping all over the compact.  You can also concentrate on the individual hearts and get more specific beige, tan, and pink shades to pop:
(Above: my pinkie has just the pink heart swatched; my ring finger has the more tan heart swatched; middle finger, the beige one)

The convenient compact also flips open to reveal a hidden compartment with a small brush.  Not the BEST brush in the world, but good in a pinch or to keep in your purse.

I found these at my local grocery store....the regular price was $13.99...they had a sale for $2 off, PLUS a $3 off coupon attached to the package, so I knew I HAD to try these.  Glad I did! 

There are several different color choices for the powder: Translucent (what I have), Beige, Light Bronzer, and Bronzer, as well as 2 different blush choices.  Check them out on their website or at any drugstore:

I almost am afraid to keep using it....I don't want the cute design to rub away!


E.L.F Product Review: Luminance Bronzer, Tinted Moisturizer, Minty Lip Gloss & Angled Foundation Brush

My newest fascination in the land of "cheap" cosmetics has been the E.L.F. brand (sold at http://www.eyeslipsface.com/ and at Target stores- Target has more on their website than instore: http://www.target.com/elf-Beauty/b/ref=sc_iw_l_1_1042004?node=2234357011 ). 

After I picked up a few items at Target, I decided to order more online from the ELF website...if you sign up for their emails, they send great coupons. HALF off products that are only $1-$6???  Heck yes!

This is what I picked up in my first order:

First let's talk about the lipglosses.  They are their "Minty Lip Gloss" and I have the colors Boston and Miami.  I thought that for $3 each (only $1.50 with the coupon!) you really can't go wrong.  I read the reviews of them and they seemed pretty good.  I was thinking, you can't really mess up lip gloss.  Well, I'm really disappointed in these...they are exactly what I (or my pessimistic self) would expect for a cheap gloss.  First off, the tubes were'nt entirely full.  They came half empty. Hmmmm.  Then there's the smell/taste.  I expected minty (thus the name) but these tasted really weird....like rubber and mint mixed together.  Still, I am willing to put up with a lot in the name of beauty so I wore them still.  BAD idea.  My lips BROKE OUT! I am not usually sensitive to lip products at all, but something in this did not agree with me.  Too bad, because the colors are really pretty:

(Top=Boston, Bottom=Miami)

Next is the Bronzer in the color Luminance....this really isn't a bronzer at all (which I knew from reading other reviews), it's more of a highlighter.  It was a $1 and I LOVE it!  Sorta golden, but not yellowy.  Really natural looking and has great staying power too!

I used the Tinted Moisturizer today and applied it with the Angled Foundation Brush I got.  So far, I like the Tinted Moisturizer.  It has a great texture and also has SPF.  It gives a fair amount of coverage too which I like since I use this in place of foundation on certain days.  The brush is great (especially considering it was $3!) for liquid foundation prep. Also, since it is synthetic, the bristles are nice and soft and easily washable.

Overall, I think the bronzer was my fave!  PLUS it was the  cheapest!  I'm definitely hesitant about trying any other lip stuff from ELF in the future though.  Bummer

Have you tried ELF yet?  Let me know what you think!


Recycling Nail Polish: CND Creamy Cameo w/ OPI Pearl Of Wisdom

I am in constant search of neutrals that I can throw on when I don't have a ton of time....this process has led me to buy MANY neutrals that I do not exactly love.  So what is one to do with all these "duds"?  Mix em!  I had purchased Creative Nail Design's Creamy Cameo (a peachy nude) awhile back and didn't fall in love with it.  It was too bleak with my skin tone.  I also had OPI's Pearl of Wisdom and thought it was OK, but still found myself not reaching for it much.  Decided to layer them and I really like the result:

I always start my manicures off with OPI's Chip Skip (fun fact: it also doubles as a polish mistake remover...the tiny brush helps remove polish if you get it on your skin or if you are doing a french manicure or any nail art and want to straighten out your lines) followed by a few coats of color and topped with Seche Vite fast drying top coat- LOVE this stuff!

Happy Weekend!


The Naked Truth- My favorite Nudes

Anyone who tends to lean towards the obsessive side of cosmetics has surely heard about the (already) legendary Naked Palette by Urban Decay.  I first heard about this while reading other's blogs, probably back in Sept.  At this time, I was also working in the cosmetics field and would occasionally have a client come in and ask if we had anything "like Urban Decay's Naked Palette"?  The hype started getting to me when I realized that all of my surrounding Sephoras did not have the palette in stock.  Every time I'd go in, I'd check out of curiosity, and there was always a space for it but never a product in stock!  It started consuming me.  Where could I find this?  I started trying to substitute for it....I purchased 2 different palettes -Too Faced "Naked Eye" (which did nothing for me) and Lorac's "A Private Affair" (eh....it was ok).  In October we made our cross country move from the East Coast to the West Coast. Was I a weirdo for thinking the entire drive, "I wonder if I will be able to find the Naked Palette out there??".  Probably =)
Turns out that it WAS indeed waaaay easier to find in the new city we moved to. I had to control my giddiness when I walked into Ulta (for the first time eva....never had one close before!) and there was this precious palette fully stocked.  I grabbed it, paid, and rushed home to oogle it.  On that drive home, I started wondering.....was I really after the palette, or just the hunt of finding it?  I am pleased to report that even though I already own 57 neutrals already, this purchase was not a waste.  Its perfectly packaged and everything you need.  Day, night, subtle, dramatic....it can all be achieved in this one place. It also has a mini primer (LOVE) and a double ended 24/7 glide on pencil (LOVE LOVE) I have used this EVERYDAY since purchasing it, completely abandoning my eyeshadow collection of over 100 different colors.  The Naked Palette is worth the hype!

My other current "Nudie" faves:

OPI Nail Color in "Otherwise Engaged".  This is the only neutral polish I've actually used up and had to repurchase (usually I am bored of it by then!).  It is the perfect combo of a creme finish mixed with a little shimmer.  Not even shimmer really, it's more of a seashell effect.  Makes nails look clean, put together and is my next favorite if I don't have the time to give myself a French manicure.  This is the only neutral polish that I constantly get asked, "ooh, what's that color?".  I have tried many different pale pinks in the past, and this is by far my fav!

And lastly, my current favorite nude gloss: "Smokey Look" Megashine lipgloss by NYX.  NYX is a brand I've only recently discovered, and man are they awesome.  Cheap price and quality product rolled into one (the package can tend to feel a little cheapy, but I am willing to deal since they seem great otherwise) .  This lip gloss color looks like it would be overly orange, but is pleasantly neutral (and as the name indicates, perfect to pair with a smokey eye) without making you look like you have ghost lips!  The texture of these is not too sticky and though I've read complaints about the smell, it doesn't bother me (reminds me of that grape children's cold medicine flavor!).
For around $5, you really can't go wrong with this!

Have you tried any of these?  I am always looking for new colors to try....especially in the lip department. Open to suggestions!