E.L.F Product Review: Luminance Bronzer, Tinted Moisturizer, Minty Lip Gloss & Angled Foundation Brush

My newest fascination in the land of "cheap" cosmetics has been the E.L.F. brand (sold at http://www.eyeslipsface.com/ and at Target stores- Target has more on their website than instore: http://www.target.com/elf-Beauty/b/ref=sc_iw_l_1_1042004?node=2234357011 ). 

After I picked up a few items at Target, I decided to order more online from the ELF website...if you sign up for their emails, they send great coupons. HALF off products that are only $1-$6???  Heck yes!

This is what I picked up in my first order:

First let's talk about the lipglosses.  They are their "Minty Lip Gloss" and I have the colors Boston and Miami.  I thought that for $3 each (only $1.50 with the coupon!) you really can't go wrong.  I read the reviews of them and they seemed pretty good.  I was thinking, you can't really mess up lip gloss.  Well, I'm really disappointed in these...they are exactly what I (or my pessimistic self) would expect for a cheap gloss.  First off, the tubes were'nt entirely full.  They came half empty. Hmmmm.  Then there's the smell/taste.  I expected minty (thus the name) but these tasted really weird....like rubber and mint mixed together.  Still, I am willing to put up with a lot in the name of beauty so I wore them still.  BAD idea.  My lips BROKE OUT! I am not usually sensitive to lip products at all, but something in this did not agree with me.  Too bad, because the colors are really pretty:

(Top=Boston, Bottom=Miami)

Next is the Bronzer in the color Luminance....this really isn't a bronzer at all (which I knew from reading other reviews), it's more of a highlighter.  It was a $1 and I LOVE it!  Sorta golden, but not yellowy.  Really natural looking and has great staying power too!

I used the Tinted Moisturizer today and applied it with the Angled Foundation Brush I got.  So far, I like the Tinted Moisturizer.  It has a great texture and also has SPF.  It gives a fair amount of coverage too which I like since I use this in place of foundation on certain days.  The brush is great (especially considering it was $3!) for liquid foundation prep. Also, since it is synthetic, the bristles are nice and soft and easily washable.

Overall, I think the bronzer was my fave!  PLUS it was the  cheapest!  I'm definitely hesitant about trying any other lip stuff from ELF in the future though.  Bummer

Have you tried ELF yet?  Let me know what you think!

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