Just In Time For Valentine's Day: Physician's Formula Happy Booster Face Powder

Physician's Formula always has great packaging and this one is SUPER cute.  The packaging is so girly.  These powders, bronzers, and blushes have a light violet scent that is said to boost your mood.  While I'm not sure about that, I can say that I love the product....I picked up the face powder in "Translucent", which actually applies more like a highlighter. 

The swatches on my fingers and hands above were from swiping all over the compact.  You can also concentrate on the individual hearts and get more specific beige, tan, and pink shades to pop:
(Above: my pinkie has just the pink heart swatched; my ring finger has the more tan heart swatched; middle finger, the beige one)

The convenient compact also flips open to reveal a hidden compartment with a small brush.  Not the BEST brush in the world, but good in a pinch or to keep in your purse.

I found these at my local grocery store....the regular price was $13.99...they had a sale for $2 off, PLUS a $3 off coupon attached to the package, so I knew I HAD to try these.  Glad I did! 

There are several different color choices for the powder: Translucent (what I have), Beige, Light Bronzer, and Bronzer, as well as 2 different blush choices.  Check them out on their website or at any drugstore:

I almost am afraid to keep using it....I don't want the cute design to rub away!

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