Recycling Nail Polish: CND Creamy Cameo w/ OPI Pearl Of Wisdom

I am in constant search of neutrals that I can throw on when I don't have a ton of time....this process has led me to buy MANY neutrals that I do not exactly love.  So what is one to do with all these "duds"?  Mix em!  I had purchased Creative Nail Design's Creamy Cameo (a peachy nude) awhile back and didn't fall in love with it.  It was too bleak with my skin tone.  I also had OPI's Pearl of Wisdom and thought it was OK, but still found myself not reaching for it much.  Decided to layer them and I really like the result:

I always start my manicures off with OPI's Chip Skip (fun fact: it also doubles as a polish mistake remover...the tiny brush helps remove polish if you get it on your skin or if you are doing a french manicure or any nail art and want to straighten out your lines) followed by a few coats of color and topped with Seche Vite fast drying top coat- LOVE this stuff!

Happy Weekend!

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