OPI Shatter

I finally broke down and bought OPI's Black Shatter.  It has been so difficult for me to find, and once I did, I resented it so I didn't want to give in and buy it ;-)

I'm glad I did.

I had tried China Glaze's version called "Crackle" in 2 different colors.  The gray one I tried was pretty good, but I found the other color (teal) to be really crappy formula wise.  It didn't "Crackle" right.
I feel that OPI's Shatter has a better consistency and effect.

Here it is over Zoya's "Jules"....I like the animal print vibe it has going on.  I even have this on my toes today!

I'm am so glad I tried Shatter....love it!


A couple China Glaze Tronica Polish Swatches =)

I picked up 2 of these colors from China Glaze's "Tronica" collection and I am really loving them.  The finish is so different than any other colors that I own.  They are mildy holographic, mostly in direct light.  These came out a few months back, and I hesitated trying them.  Now that I have, I want them ALL!  Why do I do that to myself?  Now I am going to be on an all out QUEST to find and gather the colors I want since it seems they are not all available at the Sally's I go to nearby. 

Anyhoo, here are the 2 I picked up:

Gamer Glam, a soft purple:
 Here is a shot in natural light....you can see more of the effect:

And here is Cyberspace....a taupey nude:
  And in sunlight this one comes alive!  So cool:

Cyberspace definitely had more of a holo-y effect.  I get quite distracted by it =)  I love this color....it is neutral without being boring!

There is a blue and a silver in this line that I am DYING for.....stay tuned....if I find them, I will post!


OPI Katy Perry Nail Polish Colors

So, I bought the mini pack of the Katy Perry OPI collection....the only thing is it doesn't come with the infamous black "Shatter" that is so hard to find!  The colors in this collection are still pretty kickass in their own right.  I wasn't expecting to like some of them as much as I did.  Side note: these mini packs OPI does with each release are a great way to try the colors out before settling on which big bottles you want!
"The One That Got Away" is a deep berry with a shimmery finish. This is my new go-to for a Spring pedicure color!
Next is Teenage Dream, a pink glitter.  Here is a pic of it by itself.....alone it's not really anything special, but layered over other colors, this is a showstopper! (see end of this post for a layered look I did):
Next, "Not Like The Movies"....a silvery, blue-gray kinda color.  I was surprised at how much I liked this one.  It is a really pretty!
And lastly, "Last Friday Night"....a blue glitter!  I haven't tried layering this yet, but I'm positive it will be lovely, just like Teenage Dream.

Here is my layering pic.....I used OPI's "You  Don't Know Jacques" (awesome mushroomy creme taupe color) with "Teenage Dream" over it.  I loved the brown/pink combo!
First.."You Don't Know Jacques" by itself:

And, the combo:

Cool, huh?  I didn't try layering these over each (within the Katy Perry collection) yet, but I'm sure they would rock too.  I want to try the blue glitter over the Zoya polish, "Kelly" (a darkish blue-gray) that I just picked up.  Pics to follow!
Whatcha think?


A Few OPI Texas Polishes & My St Patrick's Day Manicure

OPI's new spring line is Texas themed and pretty, with cute names per usual.  Although there are 12 colors n all, only a few were calling my name.  Usually I would try to acquire them all even though I knew I would never use them all.  In the name of keeping my hoarding under control, I only purchased the ones I KNEW I would use =)

Here they are:

"I Vant To Be A-Lone Star" is described as a sky blue.  It has a sorta grayish cast to it as well.  There is a very fine, micro shimmer that makes this really pretty:

And here is "Don't Mess With OPI"....OPI describes it as a "kick grass forest green", which describes it perfectly.  It is also the perfect green for a St Patty's Day manicure!  I loved the smooth, creamy finish on this one:

Then I found a glitter top coat (@ Walgreen's) by Sinful Colors....they had a whole St Patrick's Day themed display and their polishes are only $2, so I grabbed "Green Ocean" to try over "Don't Mess With OPI" and voila, my St Patrick's Day manicure:
The glitter effect is way more sparkly in person....it's hard to capture correctly with my camera.  There is more light blue-ish micro glitter that shows in real life ;-)


More Wet N Wild Color Icon Palette Swatches!

I just cannot pass these Wet N Wild eye shadow palettes up when I see them.  Here are a few more trios and one of the 8 color palettes as well.  If you have never tried these, you NEED to!  The trios are only $2.99 and the 8 color palettes are just $4.99!  The pigment in these are fantastic and very blendable.  These are PERFECT if you plan on traveling and don't want to bring your "good" makeup with you!  They work awesome, but you wouldn't be sad if they got lost or broken....they can be replaced for under $5 bucks =)

Here is the trio named "Spoiled Brat"....a shimmery silver, sparkly black, and bright pink:

Next up is "Silent Treatment"....this trio is a great neutral set....the highlight shade, a sweet pink, is hard to capture in a photo because it is so sheer.  There is also a dark, shimmery brown, and a taupey grey:

And lastly, an 8 color palette named "Comfort Zone".  This is such a great assortment of colors.  Neutral creams and browns, but a few nice greens as well.  The very last color is my fav, a brown with a shifty color changing green sheen to it! SO pretty!!

For these pics, I used color #8 all over my lid; #7 in the crease; & #2 for the highlight color!

You can find these at Walgreens or any other drugstore that carries Wet N Wild!


China Glaze Crackle Polish Review & Pics feat. "Cracked Concrete"

So, I have to admit- I have a love/hate relationship with these new "Crackle" nail products. (OPI has their version called "Shatter", that I've not tried yet too).  I saw pics of these online and thought, "Nope, not interested".....but then I saw them in person and a few of the colors were calling my name.  Sally Beauty Supply has them on sale this week, 2/$10 (actually this sale is for ALL China Glaze Nail products) so I figured I'd give them a shot.  I can't decide if they look like messy, lazy nail art, or if they are cool and abstract.  I am leaning towards liking them.  I also like the idea that your possibilities are endless.....they have about 6 colors of Crackle to choose from and you can layer them over whatever you want!

I picked up the grey and the teal....here are my pics of the grey, called "Cracked Concrete" over a Sally Extreme Wear Color named "Celeb City".  I like that the base is almost like a foil and the crackle is the opposite.
To apply these, you paint your base and let it dry COMPLETELY.  Once dry, you sweep the Crackle over and it forms these cool designs.  Depending on which direction you do your brush strokes in, you can change how they emerge as well.

The base color by itself:

Layer of Crackle over it....click to see more detail:

I will be posting pics of the teal Crackle soon too!
Have a great weekend!!


Zoya Intimate Collection Spring 2011 Review Swatches

So, this is my first ever Zoya purchase, which may not seem like a big deal, but as a Nail Tech for over 12 years, I cannot believe I've never tried them out.  I was stuck in the OPI only rut.   I always got their fliers in the mail and thought they were pretty, but never acted on it.  The suppliers I shopped with in the past didn't carry them, and I am a huge instant gratification person, so ordering online was not going to happen.  I started seeing pics of these new polishes from their Spring 2011 line, "The Intimate Collection", and decided that I HAD to get my hands on them.
They are all super pretty and absolutely perfect for Spring!

First up: Dove.  This is a dove grey creme color and a great neutral:

Next: Danni.  Medium orchid purple with pink and champagne highlights and flecks of silver metallic shimmer.  This would make a beautiful pedicure color!

Jules: A sparkling neutral light taupe with gold, silver and champagne metallic shimmer.  I loved this because usually golds look really yucky with my skin tone.  This one has just enough taupey-ness to not be TOO gold.

Gemma:  Super pretty and different.  Described as light muted olive green with an overlay of blue and violet duochrome shimmer.  The duochrome is really cool!  My only complaint-this was the only one of the collection that really needed 3 coats to cover completely, so that adds drying time.

Caitlin:   A Smoky purple-tinged medium gray with smooth, opaque creme finish. 

Last, but not least: Marley.  Lightest baby lavender touched with a hint of gray-silver and a subtle pearl finish.  This is such a great alternative to a light pink!
 Although I loved all of these, my 2 favs were "Caitlin" and "Marley".  Caitlin is such a pretty creme.  Creme finishes always look so clean and shiny to me.  I love me some shimmer, but you really can't go wrong with a nice creme!  Like I said, Marley is a great alternative to wearing a baby pink.  Nice and crisp looking for Spring!  Definitely give these a try!  They retail for $7 each and you can order right from their website:  www.zoya.com. I found these polishes to be a really nice formula, and they are free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor.   They dry faster than most other polishes I've tried too, so that is a HUGE bonus!