China Glaze Crackle Polish Review & Pics feat. "Cracked Concrete"

So, I have to admit- I have a love/hate relationship with these new "Crackle" nail products. (OPI has their version called "Shatter", that I've not tried yet too).  I saw pics of these online and thought, "Nope, not interested".....but then I saw them in person and a few of the colors were calling my name.  Sally Beauty Supply has them on sale this week, 2/$10 (actually this sale is for ALL China Glaze Nail products) so I figured I'd give them a shot.  I can't decide if they look like messy, lazy nail art, or if they are cool and abstract.  I am leaning towards liking them.  I also like the idea that your possibilities are endless.....they have about 6 colors of Crackle to choose from and you can layer them over whatever you want!

I picked up the grey and the teal....here are my pics of the grey, called "Cracked Concrete" over a Sally Extreme Wear Color named "Celeb City".  I like that the base is almost like a foil and the crackle is the opposite.
To apply these, you paint your base and let it dry COMPLETELY.  Once dry, you sweep the Crackle over and it forms these cool designs.  Depending on which direction you do your brush strokes in, you can change how they emerge as well.

The base color by itself:

Layer of Crackle over it....click to see more detail:

I will be posting pics of the teal Crackle soon too!
Have a great weekend!!

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