A couple China Glaze Tronica Polish Swatches =)

I picked up 2 of these colors from China Glaze's "Tronica" collection and I am really loving them.  The finish is so different than any other colors that I own.  They are mildy holographic, mostly in direct light.  These came out a few months back, and I hesitated trying them.  Now that I have, I want them ALL!  Why do I do that to myself?  Now I am going to be on an all out QUEST to find and gather the colors I want since it seems they are not all available at the Sally's I go to nearby. 

Anyhoo, here are the 2 I picked up:

Gamer Glam, a soft purple:
 Here is a shot in natural light....you can see more of the effect:

And here is Cyberspace....a taupey nude:
  And in sunlight this one comes alive!  So cool:

Cyberspace definitely had more of a holo-y effect.  I get quite distracted by it =)  I love this color....it is neutral without being boring!

There is a blue and a silver in this line that I am DYING for.....stay tuned....if I find them, I will post!

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