OPI Shatter

I finally broke down and bought OPI's Black Shatter.  It has been so difficult for me to find, and once I did, I resented it so I didn't want to give in and buy it ;-)

I'm glad I did.

I had tried China Glaze's version called "Crackle" in 2 different colors.  The gray one I tried was pretty good, but I found the other color (teal) to be really crappy formula wise.  It didn't "Crackle" right.
I feel that OPI's Shatter has a better consistency and effect.

Here it is over Zoya's "Jules"....I like the animal print vibe it has going on.  I even have this on my toes today!

I'm am so glad I tried Shatter....love it!


  1. I really like this combo you did. I didn't think I needed the OPI shatter until I saw your picture! It does look like animal print. Does it always shatter that much? How thick of a coat did you use?

  2. Thanks! I was the same way....didn't think I needed it then my Sis sent me pics of her nails done with it and I was on the hunt! I found it to shatter very easily...more so than the China Glaze ones. The coat I used was really thin. I did it on my toes too and messed one up by doing it a little *too* thin, and I let it dry, went back over it and it came out fine...a little thicker "shatters" in a few spots, but hardly noticeable ;) I am so psyched that they are coming out with more colors of these!

  3. The promo pics for the blue shatters look really cool. I can't wait to see swatches of those!