Essie "Absolutely Shore" Manicure Pictures & Review

Holla!  I picked this up while grocery shopping tonight (a bad habit that I've gotten into recently!).

Essie "Absolutely Shore" is a creamy, greeny, seafoamish color. Almost a pastel, but the green sorta sets it apart from others.    It almost looks grey in some lights.

I had to use 3 coats to get it even, but it wasn't hard to work with at all.

Here it is on my nails:

I like it.....it is a pretty neutral without being a plain old beige or pink.  I don't own many Essies at all, but I loved how this applied, so I will try more for sure!


Manicure of the day: LA Girl Metal Antiqued Gold

Here is a color I picked up while grocery shopping!  I had never tried the "L.A. Girl" brand before.  They are cheap ($1.99) and I liked the color,  so I decided I had nothing to lose.  Here is one of their "Metal" nail colors called "Antiqued Gold".  I really like this color!

Although the color was great, the wear was kinda weird.  I did my nails at 10:00pm, watched American Idol on my DVR, then went to bed a little while later.  I woke up and had chips and visible wear on a few nails!  Strange, since I don't know what I am doing in my sleep to chip my nails. I didn't use a topcoat, so I would expect some wear after a DAY maybe, but a few hours? Sleeping?  I wonder if the metallic finish had something to do with it.  Oh well, what can you expect really for under $2 bucks =)


Butter London Yummy Mummy Pics & Comparisons

Great news!  Butter London is now available IN STORE at Ulta.  Previously you only had the option of ordering from their website (or butterlondon.com).  I love being able to see what I am getting in person.  Plus, I am huge on instant gratification ;-)

I went there this weekend and picked up "Yummy Mummy" which I have been eyeing for awhile.  Butter London touts this as their "magic" shade that looks great on anyone. 
Here are my pictures:

OK, first the positives:  The formulation of this polish was wonderful!  Watery, but not too much so.  Easily buildable, these pics are only 2 coats.  Drying time is FAST took, and the finish is nice & shiny.
Negatives?  Well this is just my opinion (obvs....this could look great on you) but it bored me to tears. There is a shimmer that is clearly noticeable in the bottle that I wish came through on the nail :(  I was kinda let down, but then again it's probably because it was built up so much in my own head!  Hahaha...the good news is, because I loved the application, I cannot wait to go back to Ulta and try some new shades.  I keep saying I like clean neutrals, but maybe I really don't!  I think I will give neutrals one more shot with All Hail The Queen  !

Also, a few months back when I was longing for this polish (but didn't want to order it online and spend $14 plus shipping) I had read that Revlon made a similar color called "Gray Suede".  Here are my comparison shots:

**click to see up close**
As you can see YM is a tad more taupey and Gray Suede is way closer to my skin tone. While I sligthly prefer butterLondon, I think they are close enough that I don't need both (and at $5 or under, Revlon is way more reasonable!).

I can't wait to try other colors from them though!  Marrow and Victoriana are on my list!

Zoya Earth Day Exchange!

Have you heard??  Zoya is doing their Earth Day exchange!  You can order any of their polishes and only pay $4 per bottle total (including shipping)!  Here is all the info on their blog:


Compiling a huge list........!  :)


My First Fryinnae Experience: Velvet Vampire

I feel like since I've discovered blogging, my cosmetic hoarding has flourished even more.  I've discovered brands that are fabulous that I've never heard of before.  Case in point: Fryinnae.  They are a small cosmetics company located in Washington state.  with a whole slew of amazing eyecolors, blushes, and face powders.  I ordered one of their unbelievably awesome "Arcane Magic" Eye shadows in the shade Velvet Vampire.  It's so hard to describe and photograph....it has a puprley, brownie, pink sparkley base.  Mauveish?  Kinda....but way cooler. Mauve seems a super lame way to describe it.  I tried taking tons of pics, but  per usual with these color-shift type shades, it is SO much better in person:

 Click to see more sparkle!

I used mostly Velvet Vampire for this look....I found by using a small dome brush for the crease, I was able to apply it darker there.  I wet my brush to apply it to my lid.  I used a (Bare Escentuals) black shadow on the very outer part of my crease.  I am so in love with this!
Also, looking at my pictures, I feel this "Magic" eye shadow actually makes my eyes look more brown, if that is even possible.  Those of you with brown eyes know, we usually can't have the same fun with shades that "change" the look of your eye color, like peeps with greenish or blueish eyes do (I have always been jealous esp of people with hazel eyes....wearing just one specific shade of shadow can pull the most amazing colors from your eyes!).  I thought that part was pretty cool.

Oh and totally cool side note:  I didn't get a pic, but I totally dipped my Stila Apricot lip gloss into Velvet Vampire and applied it....it gave the coolest pigmentation to an otherwise totally sheer gloss!

OPI Onyx w/ Wet N Wild Party of Five Glitters Combo

Here is my nail of the day!  OPI "Onyx", a creamy black topped with Wet N Wild "Party of 5 Glitters" (silly name!), which indeed has a party of 5 different glitters going on.  They are the chunky type mixed in with mini glitters as well, so there are a lot of different sparklies to stare at.  The thing that I liked most about this glitter polish is that it dries smooth....no bumpy texture at all.  I didn't even use a topcoat (mostly because I keep having peeling issues with Seche Vite lately- bummer!) and it is still smooth and shiny.  Also, this is WnW's Fast Dry Formula, so that is a plus.

Definitely click on the pics to enlarge and see more detail:

I loved this Wet N Wild over the black.....it really makes the glitter POP!  Plus they are under $2 each.  I am pretty sure Wet N Wild has a black similar to OPI's too!


Deborah Lippmann Glitter In The Air Photos & Review

The title of this post could also be: "The most $$ I've EVER spent on a single nail polish" :)
Being a nail tech, I have a hard enough time spending full retail on a regular old OPI or Zoya never mind a prestige brand.  Yes, this was my first ever Deborah Lippmann polish purchase, but I could not say no.  It was flashing through my brain, over and over again until I could no longer ignore it.  You know that feeling?  When you want a product SO much it almost consumes your day?  I had to put my yearning to rest. 
"Glitter In The Air" is named for the Pink song of the same name, which I love.  I could totally justify owning this since it is SO unlike anything else.  Yes, the glitter is chunky and sparse, but that is the whimsical part of it. In my pictures I am wearing 3 coats of this beautiful original:

Sunlight: (well as much as you can expect in the Pacific Northwest ;)

I can't stop taking pictures of it!  It is such a "clean" looking color, which is something I am always looking for.  The base is a super soft light blue milky color and the glitter are different shaped/sized blue & pink chunks. 

Here is Glitter In The Air layered over OPI's I Vant To Be Alone Star....I did 2 coats of OPI and 1 of GITA followed by Seche Vite:

I am afraid I've started a new love: Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish

These can be found at Nordstrom.  I ordered mine online at Barney's since they offer free shipping on every order.  Zappos.com also sells Lippmann polishes and offers free shipping, but this shade is currently out of stock on there.

Have you ever tried any polishes from this line?  There are so many more that I want!


Color Wicked Sweet Collection Review

Hello!  Here is the other half of Color Club's Summer release called "Wicked Sweet" (side note: 'Wicked' always reminds me of home ( Boston).....we use that to describe everything.  It wasn't until I moved to the West coast that I realized that saying something is 'Wicked cool' is kinda just an east coast thing :) )

So anyway, I knew this collection was scented & I thought that was weird... it actually kinda turns me off. I decided to try them anyway.  I know some people like scented polish, and I have never actually tried one, so I had to give them a shot, right?  More on that at the end!

These are all bright neons (for the most part), very similar in color to their "Starry Temptress" collection but without the sparkle *see review here

Here is the first, called "Get Your Lem-On".  (Smells like....LEMON!) It had a cool light green shimmer in it that is hard to capture in a picture.  REALLY sheer and this is 3 coats:
Honestly did not LOVE this one on me....I think I need more of a tan so that I don't look sick with it ;)

Next, "The Lime Starts Here" (smells like...wait for it.... limes):
A tad more opaque than "Lem-on".  I like the tone of this one much better.

"I Always Get My Man-darin" (Orange scented) is a light neon orange with a soft shimmer mixed in:

Next, "Yum Gum" (Bubble Gum scented):
This one was SUPER streaky when applied, and needed 3 coats.  Looking at the picture now, I think it is pretty, but I hated it when I was putting it on!

"Raspberry Rush" (Raspberry scented):

This was my favorite consistency wise and color-wise!  It has a jelly-ish finish to it, which I love!

Here is "Give Me A Grape Big Kiss" (grape scented):

And last but not least, "Wicked Sweet", a neon blue (berry scented):
I really liked this one too.....it has a light shimmer to it and is really summery looking.

The scent in all of these was light....not totally obnoxious like I think I was expecting.  I'm still not a huge fan of the smells and would prefer them without it. 
Do you like scented polish???


Zoya Sunshine & Summertime Collection

Zoya's new collections for summer are here!  I only picked out 2 from each of the "Summertime" & "Sunshine" collections, but Zoya sends out little cards with each shade swatched on them so you can get an idea of how they will look on you.....so cute!

The 2 I ordered from the "Summertime" Collection, which are all creams, are:

Breezi,  described by Zoya as "Soft, dusty, dirty medium cerulean blue with an opaque cream finish"
Admittedly, I ordered this one just because I thought the name was cute :)  It is they type of blue that reminds me of a pool...SO appropriate for summer!

Next is "Sooki", which I ordered solely because I am a huge fan of "True Blood".  It is a " Bright, clean, crisp cool cherry red cream with a subtle jelly finish"....Love the jelly-ness!!

And here are the 2 I chose from the "Sunshine" collection:

"Kimmy"...described by Zoya as " Gleaming metallic candy apple red brightened by gold sparkle. " This one is such a hot color!

And, my SUPER Fav from what I purchased is Rica!  "Warm light coral with pink and orange tones and heavy gold metallic sparkle".  I am ALWAYS looking for the perfect coral, and this one (even though I usually don't like warm colors on me) is fabulous!  It reminds me of a sparkling juice.  It is so fresh looking:

Here is another shot, blurred slightly so you can see more of the true base color...it is so hard to get just 1 and show the true way it looks:
Isn't this one cool?

Here are the company's swatches of the entire summer lineup:

Have you tried any new summer Zoya's yet???


Color Club Catwalk Queen Collection plus a random purple

So now that I know I can get Color Club polishes at the nearby store, I am on an all out hunt to acquire every collection that I can!  I went and picked up the "Catwalk Queen" collection tonight (Spring 2009).  Being completely unfamiliar with the Color Club line, I saw this, loved the colors and snatched it up right away.  When I got home and googled the collection, I realized that I was missing one (the BEST one...a holographic silver shimmer!) and that someone had replaced it with a (nice) purpley cream....pretty, but I am annoyed that the collection is not whole!  hahahaaha  Oh well, I guess that is what I get for not purchasing this at an "Authorized Professional Salon".
I am still psyched about the colors....here they are!

"Front Row Diva" is a metallic nudey beigey almost white color....really pretty and clean looking.  I had to be conscious of my brush with this one, as it tends to leave visible brush strokes if you don't do it right:

"Runway muse", a iridescent pink sheer....looks more blueish in the bottle and is an awesome layering polish! 

Runway Muse reminded me of OPI's "Pearl Of Wisdom"....here is a quick comparison:
OPI Pearl Of Wisdom is slightly more sheer and had a fine glitter throughout....they are VERY very close otherwise!

Here is "Vintage Couture", a pastel pink creme.  Really pretty, but a pain in the butt to even out....3 coats needed:

"Ready To Wear" is another really pretty, pinky gold opalescent shade .....really sheer, but really pretty layered!

Here is "Ready To Wear" over "Vintage Couture"....this is SOOOOO pretty in person....:

***click to see up close!***

"Catwalk Queen" is a blackened purpley shimmer! HOT!

Here is" Catwalk Queen" with "Ready To Wear" layered over it!

Last is the random light purpley polish thrown in with this collection...it is unlabeled, so I have no clue what it is!

And here is Ready to Wear over the mystery purple:

 Sad that I missed out on the sick holo :(  But what can you do?