Butter London Yummy Mummy Pics & Comparisons

Great news!  Butter London is now available IN STORE at Ulta.  Previously you only had the option of ordering from their website (or butterlondon.com).  I love being able to see what I am getting in person.  Plus, I am huge on instant gratification ;-)

I went there this weekend and picked up "Yummy Mummy" which I have been eyeing for awhile.  Butter London touts this as their "magic" shade that looks great on anyone. 
Here are my pictures:

OK, first the positives:  The formulation of this polish was wonderful!  Watery, but not too much so.  Easily buildable, these pics are only 2 coats.  Drying time is FAST took, and the finish is nice & shiny.
Negatives?  Well this is just my opinion (obvs....this could look great on you) but it bored me to tears. There is a shimmer that is clearly noticeable in the bottle that I wish came through on the nail :(  I was kinda let down, but then again it's probably because it was built up so much in my own head!  Hahaha...the good news is, because I loved the application, I cannot wait to go back to Ulta and try some new shades.  I keep saying I like clean neutrals, but maybe I really don't!  I think I will give neutrals one more shot with All Hail The Queen  !

Also, a few months back when I was longing for this polish (but didn't want to order it online and spend $14 plus shipping) I had read that Revlon made a similar color called "Gray Suede".  Here are my comparison shots:

**click to see up close**
As you can see YM is a tad more taupey and Gray Suede is way closer to my skin tone. While I sligthly prefer butterLondon, I think they are close enough that I don't need both (and at $5 or under, Revlon is way more reasonable!).

I can't wait to try other colors from them though!  Marrow and Victoriana are on my list!


  1. I just posted on Revlon "Gray Suede" and then stumbled upon butter LONDON on another blog and wondered how they compare. This was super helpful... thank you. If I swatch "Gray Suede" again... I will reference this post. Thank you.

  2. I passed on this one and got Aston instead which was obviously a bad mood since I kinda hate Aston. I think I would really like this one on myself but I might hate it once I actually try it. I think it looks great on you and definitely don't think it's a boring color on you. ;)