Color Club Catwalk Queen Collection plus a random purple

So now that I know I can get Color Club polishes at the nearby store, I am on an all out hunt to acquire every collection that I can!  I went and picked up the "Catwalk Queen" collection tonight (Spring 2009).  Being completely unfamiliar with the Color Club line, I saw this, loved the colors and snatched it up right away.  When I got home and googled the collection, I realized that I was missing one (the BEST one...a holographic silver shimmer!) and that someone had replaced it with a (nice) purpley cream....pretty, but I am annoyed that the collection is not whole!  hahahaaha  Oh well, I guess that is what I get for not purchasing this at an "Authorized Professional Salon".
I am still psyched about the colors....here they are!

"Front Row Diva" is a metallic nudey beigey almost white color....really pretty and clean looking.  I had to be conscious of my brush with this one, as it tends to leave visible brush strokes if you don't do it right:

"Runway muse", a iridescent pink sheer....looks more blueish in the bottle and is an awesome layering polish! 

Runway Muse reminded me of OPI's "Pearl Of Wisdom"....here is a quick comparison:
OPI Pearl Of Wisdom is slightly more sheer and had a fine glitter throughout....they are VERY very close otherwise!

Here is "Vintage Couture", a pastel pink creme.  Really pretty, but a pain in the butt to even out....3 coats needed:

"Ready To Wear" is another really pretty, pinky gold opalescent shade .....really sheer, but really pretty layered!

Here is "Ready To Wear" over "Vintage Couture"....this is SOOOOO pretty in person....:

***click to see up close!***

"Catwalk Queen" is a blackened purpley shimmer! HOT!

Here is" Catwalk Queen" with "Ready To Wear" layered over it!

Last is the random light purpley polish thrown in with this collection...it is unlabeled, so I have no clue what it is!

And here is Ready to Wear over the mystery purple:

 Sad that I missed out on the sick holo :(  But what can you do?


  1. I think the mystery purple is either Ms. Socialite or Uptown Girl. Both are from The Rebel Debutante collection. I'm thinking its one of those two because I bought that collection from Ross awhile ago so I know they sold it there. Do you think it could be one of those?

  2. After Googling last night, I think it IS Uptown Girl! You want to hear the weirdest part? I went to 3 different Ross stores today looking to see what they had and they all carry this collection with that same random purple! Frickin' weird!

  3. Woah, that is weird. I guess they got them with that purple in this. And know what is weird about the Color club collections in sets like that? They have different caps. The ones you buy individually have a pretty metal cap with a flower embossed on top. I'm not sure why they make them differently.