Color Wicked Sweet Collection Review

Hello!  Here is the other half of Color Club's Summer release called "Wicked Sweet" (side note: 'Wicked' always reminds me of home ( Boston).....we use that to describe everything.  It wasn't until I moved to the West coast that I realized that saying something is 'Wicked cool' is kinda just an east coast thing :) )

So anyway, I knew this collection was scented & I thought that was weird... it actually kinda turns me off. I decided to try them anyway.  I know some people like scented polish, and I have never actually tried one, so I had to give them a shot, right?  More on that at the end!

These are all bright neons (for the most part), very similar in color to their "Starry Temptress" collection but without the sparkle *see review here

Here is the first, called "Get Your Lem-On".  (Smells like....LEMON!) It had a cool light green shimmer in it that is hard to capture in a picture.  REALLY sheer and this is 3 coats:
Honestly did not LOVE this one on me....I think I need more of a tan so that I don't look sick with it ;)

Next, "The Lime Starts Here" (smells like...wait for it.... limes):
A tad more opaque than "Lem-on".  I like the tone of this one much better.

"I Always Get My Man-darin" (Orange scented) is a light neon orange with a soft shimmer mixed in:

Next, "Yum Gum" (Bubble Gum scented):
This one was SUPER streaky when applied, and needed 3 coats.  Looking at the picture now, I think it is pretty, but I hated it when I was putting it on!

"Raspberry Rush" (Raspberry scented):

This was my favorite consistency wise and color-wise!  It has a jelly-ish finish to it, which I love!

Here is "Give Me A Grape Big Kiss" (grape scented):

And last but not least, "Wicked Sweet", a neon blue (berry scented):
I really liked this one too.....it has a light shimmer to it and is really summery looking.

The scent in all of these was light....not totally obnoxious like I think I was expecting.  I'm still not a huge fan of the smells and would prefer them without it. 
Do you like scented polish???

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  1. These are pretty but I definitely like the Starry Temptress collection better! I agree with you that Rasberry Rush is the prettiest. And I'm the fence about scented polishes. I have a few that I really like and a few that just smell gross to me.