Manicure of the day: LA Girl Metal Antiqued Gold

Here is a color I picked up while grocery shopping!  I had never tried the "L.A. Girl" brand before.  They are cheap ($1.99) and I liked the color,  so I decided I had nothing to lose.  Here is one of their "Metal" nail colors called "Antiqued Gold".  I really like this color!

Although the color was great, the wear was kinda weird.  I did my nails at 10:00pm, watched American Idol on my DVR, then went to bed a little while later.  I woke up and had chips and visible wear on a few nails!  Strange, since I don't know what I am doing in my sleep to chip my nails. I didn't use a topcoat, so I would expect some wear after a DAY maybe, but a few hours? Sleeping?  I wonder if the metallic finish had something to do with it.  Oh well, what can you expect really for under $2 bucks =)

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