My First Fryinnae Experience: Velvet Vampire

I feel like since I've discovered blogging, my cosmetic hoarding has flourished even more.  I've discovered brands that are fabulous that I've never heard of before.  Case in point: Fryinnae.  They are a small cosmetics company located in Washington state.  with a whole slew of amazing eyecolors, blushes, and face powders.  I ordered one of their unbelievably awesome "Arcane Magic" Eye shadows in the shade Velvet Vampire.  It's so hard to describe and photograph....it has a puprley, brownie, pink sparkley base.  Mauveish?  Kinda....but way cooler. Mauve seems a super lame way to describe it.  I tried taking tons of pics, but  per usual with these color-shift type shades, it is SO much better in person:

 Click to see more sparkle!

I used mostly Velvet Vampire for this look....I found by using a small dome brush for the crease, I was able to apply it darker there.  I wet my brush to apply it to my lid.  I used a (Bare Escentuals) black shadow on the very outer part of my crease.  I am so in love with this!
Also, looking at my pictures, I feel this "Magic" eye shadow actually makes my eyes look more brown, if that is even possible.  Those of you with brown eyes know, we usually can't have the same fun with shades that "change" the look of your eye color, like peeps with greenish or blueish eyes do (I have always been jealous esp of people with hazel eyes....wearing just one specific shade of shadow can pull the most amazing colors from your eyes!).  I thought that part was pretty cool.

Oh and totally cool side note:  I didn't get a pic, but I totally dipped my Stila Apricot lip gloss into Velvet Vampire and applied it....it gave the coolest pigmentation to an otherwise totally sheer gloss!


  1. I LOVE Fyrinnae's eye shadows. I have a bunch of sample jars from them just because I know I will never use up a full size jar. This color looks awesome on you, it really does bring out your eyes!

  2. I am seriously in love with this color. I can't wait to try more! I also have one called "Candy Coated" that I still have to try!