Nubar Spring Garden Collection Swatches: Earthen, Honeysuckle, & Dewdrop

Here are a few new colors from Nubar's "Spring Garden" collection! 

First is "Earthen", a pretty taupe...it has a sneak of shimmer to it and would be a perfect "work" color:

And here with the sparkly topcoat "Dewdrop":

Next is "Honeysuckle", an almost hot pink, but not neon.  Perfect spring shade!

And with Dewdrop:

I really loved these...I have 2 more from this collection to swatch still, so stay tuned :)


  1. Honeysuckle is so pretty! Did you buy these from Nubar's website? I've been meaning to buy some for over 2 years but every time I remember that I want to, I don't have any money! Haha.

  2. I did! The only thing that sucks about them is the shipping....it is $12 bucks! BUT if you spend over $50, then it's free! (Duh, so of course I had to to that!) So have just a *few* more to try ;-)