Some random pink Zoya and an Ultra Glitter!

I recently took advantage of Zoya's "Buy One, Get One" on their new summer colors (posting those soon), but the best part of the deal was that they only charged $2 for shipping the order, no matter what you ordered! My biggest peeve is paying shipping for nail polish....I don't mind spending the $$ on the polish itself, but hate paying almost $7 for shipping! So, of course, I *had* to throw in a few more "older" colors to my order!

Here are the ones I picked up:

Dharma: "Sheer slightly flesh-toned pink base with blue and violet duochrome shimmer" -zoya.com.
Tried to capture the awesome blue flash in this color, but it was hard.  It is so much prettier in person! Will look great with a french manicure!

Drew: "Slightly grayed pink rose toned mauve with subtle gold and pink metallic shimmer" - Zoya.com

Erika: " soft, girly pale baby pink with lots of fine gold shimmer" -Zoya.com
I didn't love this one as much as I like "Dharma"....Erika is waaaay more warm toned. Warm tones never look "right" on me.

And here is a color from their "Ultra Glitter" collection from awhile back....
Luna: "Light, shimmering sheer silvery dove gray base loaded with shiny silver glitter"
*click to see more of the detail in this one*

I will be posting some of the new Summertime/Sunshine collection soon!  Yay for new polish ;)

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  1. I love your picks! Now I really want to get Dharma and used it for a french mani.