Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Lip Color in "Bravado" Pictures and Review

I recently tried bareMinerals newest addition to their lineup: Pretty Amazing Lipcolor.  When I first saw this I didn't think I needed it.  Then I gave it a try and I am now hooked.

This is how Bare Escentuals describes it:

"The innovative hydrating glaze of our Pretty Amazing Lipcolor cocoons your lips in opaque high-impact lipcolor. The cushiony texture, insatiable shine and seriously polished appearance will propel you into an elevated state of gorgeousness. And our precision applicator handles like a racecar, cornering, sculpting and accentuating every curve of your luscious lips for enduring color with real staying power."

I love the texture of this lip color!  It is as if they melted down the world's most moisturizing lip stick and smooshed it into a lipgloss tube.  It feels super moisturizing with zero stickyness. 
The shade I tried is called "Bravado" and is described as a brick red:

The wand is skinny in the middle, so it is really the best of both worlds: the control of a brush with the softness of a doe foot:

The color saturation and the shine of this product is amazing to me:

Kissy face ;-)

This color is really nice too.  Something I would not have typically chosen (my Lil' Sis picked this up for me).  So many times, products claim to be a combo of lipstick and gloss but I am very impressed with this.  It lasts awhile and has zero smell (something I don't necessarily like- I enjoy a scent to my lip products...I know some do not though!)  I am seriously in love!
These sell for $16 each and can be found on Bare Escentuals website, Ulta, Sephora, and QVC!


New Wet N Wild Summer Palette Review Plus Naked Palette Comparision

Anyone who has read my blog knows I am a huge fan of these Wet N Wild Coloricon eyeshadow trios.  I love them for many many reasons:
#1: They are cheap ($2.99!)
#2: They don't require any thinking- the colors are perfectly coordinated and work smoothly together.  PLUS, they are labeled "brow bone, crease, eyelid"!
#3: They are great for travel!  Instead of worrying about possibly misplacing or breaking your expensive stuff, use these. 
and #4: They have amazing color payoff!

I could not wait to try their newest release called, "The Gilded Age" that is comprised of 3 bronzed neutrals.  I had a sneaking suspicion these would be close to some of the colors in the Urban Decay "Naked Palette" and I was right...see bottom of post for comparison pics!

Here is how I wore them...I followed the "steps" that the packaging suggests (click pics to enlarge):

And here are the swatches of WnW vs Naked!

As you can see, the Wet N Wild colors are very close and they have more color payoff!  Craziness.  The thing that makes me the most happy is that Urban Decay's "Sin" is my #1 favorite neutral shadow of ALL TIME.  I have almost hit the pan in Sin in my palette and the others aren't even close.  I have also owned multiple singles of Sin!  At $17 each for a single shadow, I could buy a plethora of Wet N Wild palettes for this one shade alone and be set for awhile... Super psyched about that!


Manicure of The Day: OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous Pictures and Review

I've had OPI's Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous for awhile now, but I had yet to actually wear it (something that seems to happen quite often ;).  I put this on after I kept seeing Revlon's new display for Spring that includes a similar shade (plus a nude lipstick, I think?).  I kept picking up the Revlon one and putting it back with the nagging feeling that I must have something similar.  I think these are close enough that I don't need both.

Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous is a dark charcoal shimmer with tiny bits of silver glitter mixed in.
2 coats would be enough, but I did 3 for these pics:

I tend to not leans towards darker shades in the Spring, but I feel like after tons of brights, pastels, and neons, I needed to change it up! 


Cult Nails Cruisin' Nude Manicure Swatches, Pictures & Review

Cult Nails is a fairly new line that I was so eager to try.  I discovered from reading other blogs that this company was started by a lovely gal named Maria, a nail blogger....how cool! When I saw the pics of "Cruisin' Nude" in the promos for her new collection called, "A Day At The Races", I knew it had to be mine.  This color is a creamy nude taupe beige with subtle coppery pink shimmer throughout.
I could not stop taking pics....I went a little crazy:

You can really see the shimmer in the pic above!

Be sure to click on these to enlarge and see more shimmer:

The formula was nice on this....only 2 coats required.  The color is so pretty and the pink adds a cool, unexpected element to the polish.

Definitely check out Cult Nails!  They are currently having a giveaway also...  Once they hit 1,000 registered emails, a prize will be given away.  Shipping was SUPER fast also....I am on the west coast, and this took only 2 days to get here from Florida.  SO impressed!!

I think I have found my go to Summer nude.  Great job, Maria & Cult!!


OPI White Shatter over Spark de Triomphe: Swatches, pictures, & review

I was finally able to get my hands on one of the newer OPI Serena Williams "Glam Slam" duos, this one includes the color "Spark de Triomphe" & White Shatter.  I'm not sure why I keep searching for these shatters....I have a love/hate relationship with them.  I don't absolutely love them, but when I see them sitting there in the store, I have the desire to grab them as fast as possible.

First, here is Spark de Triomphe by itself.  I LOVE this glitter!  I only did 2 coats in these pictures since I wanted it to be fully dry fairly quick for the shatter, but I imagine 3 would be even more stunning.  I took several pics to try to do this color justice.....it is so lovely in real life:

Blurred slightly to show more shimmer:

This color totally reminds me of my favorite accessory of all time:  my gold sequined Coach wristlet that was given to me as a going away present when I moved cross country:

See how cute they look together?  Total side note, some would say this wristlet is impractical, but I use this baby every single day as my wallet.  Even if I am in sweatpants (hardly happens, but we all have "those" days ;)  I am sporting this.  It makes me smile whenever I hold it.  The sequins have this cool, scaly but soft feel!

Ok, back to the polish at hand.....here it the white shatter.  I absolutely hesitated before putting this on....I loved the glitter by itself. 

Click on this one to really see some sparkles peeking through:

While I enjoyed this look overall, I don't think I am completely in love with the white shatter....I much prefer Spark de Triomphe by it's lonesome :)

Have you tried any of the new shatters??  What are your thoughts?



Old Favorites I Love For Spring: The Body Shop Cocoa Butter for Perfect Summer Skin

Do you ever use up a product that you love of a certain brand, but move on to something new out of boredom?  That is what I tend to do.  Shampoo....I will skip from Bed Head to Biolage to Paul Mitchell to whatever is new!  Toothpaste?  Crest...Aquafresh...whatever is on sale.  However, there are a few products that I always go back to, even if its been awhile.  Here are 2 of them, both from The Body Shop.  Their Cocoa Butter Body Scrub & Cocoa Butter Body Butter are unmatched in my book for several reasons.  First is the quality- the packaging is great and the ingredients are superb.  Secondly, their company values- they are against animal testing, they support community trade, defend human rights, and are all about protecting the planet.  The biggest seller for me though, is the way that their Cocoa Butter products smell.  They are a-MA-zing!  I had not bought them in awhile, and had been purchasing more inexpensive cocoa butter lotions, hoping that they just might smell a tad like my good ol' Body Shop ones.  Nothing I have tried does. I don't know why I even bother with anything else.   I could just stick my snout in these tubs of creamy goodness all day long.  Hahaha kidding...but not really.

Here is a close up of the Cocoa Butter Body Scrub:

This scrub is gentle but super effective and smells so soft and sweet.  It is made with ground rice and almond shell powder.  Use it in the shower before you get soaking wet....you will get better exfoliation if it is used on semi dry skin and then washed off.

After drying off, follow up with the luscious Cocoa Butter Body Butter:

Check out how dense this butter is:
The light cocoa scent in both of these are fabulous.  They are soft but rich and not overpowering.  The body butter is ultra moisturizing and will ensure that your skin is ready for tank tops and shorts this summer! 

MMmMmmm....I wish I could eat these.

Have you used any of The Body Shop's scrubs or butters?


Revlon Sunshine Sparkle Pictures & Review

In my constant search for a wearable yellow, I found this Revlon one, just out for Spring!  Sunshine Sparkle is as close to a "me" yellow that I've gotten so far.  Slightly more yellow & less pastel than Nubar's Yellow Primrose.  The subtle shimmer in this makes it nice and soft looking:

This was 2 coats....3 probably would be better, but I didn't have enough patience tonight :-)


OPI Femme de Cirque "In The Spot-light Pink" & "I Juggle...Men" Pics & Review

OPI came out with their soft shades collection, "Femme de Cirque" a few months back and I picked up all 4 of the colors. The collection is comprised of 3 shades of pink and 1 shimmery glitter topcoat, and despite the fact that the pinks are all pretty similar, I love this collection!  I have used them many times since picking them up, so my mini bottles have a good dent in them.  I put on "In The Spot-light Pink" with "I Juggle...Men" tonight and took some pics to show you :)

Here is "In The Spot-Light Pink" by itself.  It is a nice, sheer pink with a jelly-ish finish.  Ignore my ring finger....I slammed it in a door today >:/ so it's a little pinker than it should be!  Here is 3 coats:

And here are a few shots of it with "I Juggle...Men" on top.  "I Juggle...Men" is a glittery sheer shade with a blueish cast to it.  I took a bunch of pics to try and capture it, but it is WAY prettier in person:

These are really pretty shades if you are in seek of some neutrals.  They are extremely sheer, so multiple coats are definitely needed to achieve some opacity.  Love putting on an easy neutral after wearing lots of brights and glitters lately!