Cult Nails Cruisin' Nude Manicure Swatches, Pictures & Review

Cult Nails is a fairly new line that I was so eager to try.  I discovered from reading other blogs that this company was started by a lovely gal named Maria, a nail blogger....how cool! When I saw the pics of "Cruisin' Nude" in the promos for her new collection called, "A Day At The Races", I knew it had to be mine.  This color is a creamy nude taupe beige with subtle coppery pink shimmer throughout.
I could not stop taking pics....I went a little crazy:

You can really see the shimmer in the pic above!

Be sure to click on these to enlarge and see more shimmer:

The formula was nice on this....only 2 coats required.  The color is so pretty and the pink adds a cool, unexpected element to the polish.

Definitely check out Cult Nails!  They are currently having a giveaway also...  Once they hit 1,000 registered emails, a prize will be given away.  Shipping was SUPER fast also....I am on the west coast, and this took only 2 days to get here from Florida.  SO impressed!!

I think I have found my go to Summer nude.  Great job, Maria & Cult!!


  1. In love with that shade, perfect nude!

  2. Great review! I love my Cult Nails! nude with a shimmer??? perfect.


  3. It really is so pretty! It reminds me of Butter London's "Yummy Mummy", only better. YM left me flat without shimmer, and Cruisin Nude picks up right where I needed it!