Mood Struck Nail Polish Swatches/Review

Hey there!  I got really excited when I spotted these cool looking "Mood Struck" Color Changing Nail Polishes at my supermarket yesterday.  I have never tried any mood polishes, so I couldn't wait to get them on.  I picked what I thought would be the greatest contrasted color combo: purple that changes to light pink.
Here is how it looked when I first put it on:

You can sort of see where it is slightly lighter on my nail bed vs the free edge of my nail, but nothing like I had hoped.

So I ran my hand under warm water to see what would happen.  Here is the result... a much pinker polish emerged:

After letting my nails dry completely, you could just see the color contrast a tad more...I wish it were more apparent, but it is still a pretty color:

I wanted it to look like this!

Oh well...maybe I will try another combo.  

These were $3.99 each at my supermarket (Fred Meyer...in the Pacific Northwest).


  1. I have a few like these from Claire's. I've had them for a year or so and when I first got them they had a really dramatic difference between the colors. But I think over time whatever makes them change colors stops working, which is super disappointing. :( Have you seen the ones from Claire's? They have a purple one that looks exactly like this one.

  2. No Jessi, I haven't seen those! I was hoping this would give the sorta gradient nail effect without the effort, but BOO nope!

  3. These polishes do have great color change (the green/yellow one is particularly strong), but the gradient thing doesn't show up unless your nails are noticeably longer than the end of your fingers. Mine are about 0.5cm out and show a great gradient/french tip effect, but my friend with shorter nails just ended up with a solid color. Very cool idea though!

  4. Teleute...I think you are right! To me, my nails seem long, but thats only because I usually have them *really* short. I have to be more patient ;-)

  5. It actually came out quite nice on you. I got the Green/Yellow one - I assumed it would go from green to yellow since the actual nail polish is green, but it's the other way around. I don't like it that much - The color is nothing like what it shows on the bottle and it just doesn't go on right. The polish is really thin and goes on streaky and looks messy & not smooth at all no matter how many coats I put on. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong? Kind of a bummer, now I wish I got a more pretty color like you. :\