New Wet N Wild Summer Palette Review Plus Naked Palette Comparision

Anyone who has read my blog knows I am a huge fan of these Wet N Wild Coloricon eyeshadow trios.  I love them for many many reasons:
#1: They are cheap ($2.99!)
#2: They don't require any thinking- the colors are perfectly coordinated and work smoothly together.  PLUS, they are labeled "brow bone, crease, eyelid"!
#3: They are great for travel!  Instead of worrying about possibly misplacing or breaking your expensive stuff, use these. 
and #4: They have amazing color payoff!

I could not wait to try their newest release called, "The Gilded Age" that is comprised of 3 bronzed neutrals.  I had a sneaking suspicion these would be close to some of the colors in the Urban Decay "Naked Palette" and I was right...see bottom of post for comparison pics!

Here is how I wore them...I followed the "steps" that the packaging suggests (click pics to enlarge):

And here are the swatches of WnW vs Naked!

As you can see, the Wet N Wild colors are very close and they have more color payoff!  Craziness.  The thing that makes me the most happy is that Urban Decay's "Sin" is my #1 favorite neutral shadow of ALL TIME.  I have almost hit the pan in Sin in my palette and the others aren't even close.  I have also owned multiple singles of Sin!  At $17 each for a single shadow, I could buy a plethora of Wet N Wild palettes for this one shade alone and be set for awhile... Super psyched about that!


  1. I actually like your hair, don't give up! I SO want that palette, but as the colors are so similar to the Naked palette I think I may pass :)

  2. Yeah, def don't need both =) I couldn't believe how close they are!