Nubar "Indigo Illusion" Nail Polish Pictures & Review

Here is another pretty color I picked up recently.  I placed an order (www.bynubar.com) for some new Nubars, and if you spend at least $50, shipping is free (otherwise it is around $12) so of course it is more worthwhile to place an order for several  :)

Indigo Illusion is listed under their "Duochrome" section (love that they have an entire section for that!) and it is so cool.  It is an indigo blue with slight purple and even some green flash to it.  As with all duochrome polishes, it was so hard to capture all the different "personalities" of this color, but here are a few shots:

It was the most difficult to get the violet side of this to show in photos, but is is more obvious in real life.

This is a nice change from all the pastels I've been wearing this week :)

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  1. Of course this would be my favorite so far! I always fall for the flashy colors. I wonder what this would look like with 2010 on top...