Old Favorites I Love For Spring: The Body Shop Cocoa Butter for Perfect Summer Skin

Do you ever use up a product that you love of a certain brand, but move on to something new out of boredom?  That is what I tend to do.  Shampoo....I will skip from Bed Head to Biolage to Paul Mitchell to whatever is new!  Toothpaste?  Crest...Aquafresh...whatever is on sale.  However, there are a few products that I always go back to, even if its been awhile.  Here are 2 of them, both from The Body Shop.  Their Cocoa Butter Body Scrub & Cocoa Butter Body Butter are unmatched in my book for several reasons.  First is the quality- the packaging is great and the ingredients are superb.  Secondly, their company values- they are against animal testing, they support community trade, defend human rights, and are all about protecting the planet.  The biggest seller for me though, is the way that their Cocoa Butter products smell.  They are a-MA-zing!  I had not bought them in awhile, and had been purchasing more inexpensive cocoa butter lotions, hoping that they just might smell a tad like my good ol' Body Shop ones.  Nothing I have tried does. I don't know why I even bother with anything else.   I could just stick my snout in these tubs of creamy goodness all day long.  Hahaha kidding...but not really.

Here is a close up of the Cocoa Butter Body Scrub:

This scrub is gentle but super effective and smells so soft and sweet.  It is made with ground rice and almond shell powder.  Use it in the shower before you get soaking wet....you will get better exfoliation if it is used on semi dry skin and then washed off.

After drying off, follow up with the luscious Cocoa Butter Body Butter:

Check out how dense this butter is:
The light cocoa scent in both of these are fabulous.  They are soft but rich and not overpowering.  The body butter is ultra moisturizing and will ensure that your skin is ready for tank tops and shorts this summer! 

MMmMmmm....I wish I could eat these.

Have you used any of The Body Shop's scrubs or butters?


  1. I'm like you, even if I love something, I'll usually buy something different when I run out. I guess I get bored easily and I always think that something else better is out there. I've tried so many conditioners, from high to low end and NOTHING works as well for my hair as Pantene. It's so weird. I don't know WHY it does, but I don't mind because it's cheap. :)

    I don't have a Body Shop where I live, but my parents do and I'm going to visit them in a few days so I think I'll have to make a stop.

  2. The body butter texture looks amazing!

    I'll have to find these :)