OPI Femme de Cirque "In The Spot-light Pink" & "I Juggle...Men" Pics & Review

OPI came out with their soft shades collection, "Femme de Cirque" a few months back and I picked up all 4 of the colors. The collection is comprised of 3 shades of pink and 1 shimmery glitter topcoat, and despite the fact that the pinks are all pretty similar, I love this collection!  I have used them many times since picking them up, so my mini bottles have a good dent in them.  I put on "In The Spot-light Pink" with "I Juggle...Men" tonight and took some pics to show you :)

Here is "In The Spot-Light Pink" by itself.  It is a nice, sheer pink with a jelly-ish finish.  Ignore my ring finger....I slammed it in a door today >:/ so it's a little pinker than it should be!  Here is 3 coats:

And here are a few shots of it with "I Juggle...Men" on top.  "I Juggle...Men" is a glittery sheer shade with a blueish cast to it.  I took a bunch of pics to try and capture it, but it is WAY prettier in person:

These are really pretty shades if you are in seek of some neutrals.  They are extremely sheer, so multiple coats are definitely needed to achieve some opacity.  Love putting on an easy neutral after wearing lots of brights and glitters lately!