OPI White Shatter over Spark de Triomphe: Swatches, pictures, & review

I was finally able to get my hands on one of the newer OPI Serena Williams "Glam Slam" duos, this one includes the color "Spark de Triomphe" & White Shatter.  I'm not sure why I keep searching for these shatters....I have a love/hate relationship with them.  I don't absolutely love them, but when I see them sitting there in the store, I have the desire to grab them as fast as possible.

First, here is Spark de Triomphe by itself.  I LOVE this glitter!  I only did 2 coats in these pictures since I wanted it to be fully dry fairly quick for the shatter, but I imagine 3 would be even more stunning.  I took several pics to try to do this color justice.....it is so lovely in real life:

Blurred slightly to show more shimmer:

This color totally reminds me of my favorite accessory of all time:  my gold sequined Coach wristlet that was given to me as a going away present when I moved cross country:

See how cute they look together?  Total side note, some would say this wristlet is impractical, but I use this baby every single day as my wallet.  Even if I am in sweatpants (hardly happens, but we all have "those" days ;)  I am sporting this.  It makes me smile whenever I hold it.  The sequins have this cool, scaly but soft feel!

Ok, back to the polish at hand.....here it the white shatter.  I absolutely hesitated before putting this on....I loved the glitter by itself. 

Click on this one to really see some sparkles peeking through:

While I enjoyed this look overall, I don't think I am completely in love with the white shatter....I much prefer Spark de Triomphe by it's lonesome :)

Have you tried any of the new shatters??  What are your thoughts?



  1. That is gorgeous! It somehow reminds me of salt & pepper, I'm not sure why, haha

  2. Uhm I like spark the triomphe alone too. The texture of white shatter isnt so fine