Revlon Sunshine Sparkle Pictures & Review

In my constant search for a wearable yellow, I found this Revlon one, just out for Spring!  Sunshine Sparkle is as close to a "me" yellow that I've gotten so far.  Slightly more yellow & less pastel than Nubar's Yellow Primrose.  The subtle shimmer in this makes it nice and soft looking:

This was 2 coats....3 probably would be better, but I didn't have enough patience tonight :-)


  1. I like this yellow! The formula doesn't look too thick or streaky for being a yellow. They're usually a PITA to get even.

  2. Yeah, the formual was better than I expected! It looked like I would NEED a 3rd coat, but the 2nd coat was very "self leveling" ;-)

    Side note, 2 of my boys mentioned that they liked my nail polish, and for them to notice anything is a miracle!

  3. That looks so pretty, I've been needing a good yellow polish!

  4. That looks really nice on you! I had picked it up while waiting for Chanel's Mimosa to come out (thinking that perhaps it was a dupe) and I didn't even try it yet...thanks to you, now I will do so! Love how buttery soft it looks!

  5. Eugenia, I was wondering if it were close at all to Mimosa!

  6. This is a very pretty yellow. Looks lovely on you! The subtle shimmer really brings it to life and look sweet instead of stark.

    Hehe, I always see this shade at my local drugstore and pick it up to admire. (Been trying to stick to a budget, which is the only reason why I keep putting it back in the display. But once things ease up a bit, I may have to get this.)

    Thanks for swatching it! :)
    - Mary