Wet N Wild "Mermaid's Cove" Collection: Sea Witch & Diving for Pearls Nail Polish Pics & Review

I was SO super psyched to see that Wet N Wild had a new summer collection out this month.  Their "Mermaid's Cove" collection is comprised of 8 new fast dry polishes that are all interesting.  I wanted to try them all, but I have so many new Zoyas waiting for me to try from the recent Zoya Exchange promo, I held myself back and only picked up the 2 that were calling my name the most!

First up is "Diving For Pearls", a teal shimmer...this is 3 coats of this super summery color:

And next is Sea Witch!  I LOVE this color!  To call it a Royal Purple isn't enough...it has a glow to it that is hard to describe, so you will just have to check it out instead :)

So while I love these shades, and love the fact that they are CHEAP ($1.99.....and they frequently have "buy one, get one half off" sales on these), I despise the brushes! I would gladly pay more for these if they had a better brush!  Both of the brushes on these were all wonky, with bristles sticking out the sides at random.  They seem extra rough somehow too...so much so that they sorta scratch up the first layer when you go back to do the 2nd coat. I ended up doing 3 coats of each of these because my brush kept messing up the smoothness :/ 

Have you tried any of these yet?  There is a glitter (Atlantis) and an orange (Magic Trident) that I want to pick up as well....I love the theme of this collection and the names as well!


  1. I haven't seen this display yey, but I've been looking! The two you got were the ones that caught my eye also. These seem to be better/more opaque than their last round of fast dry polishes.

  2. @ Jessi, the girl at the store was literally setting up the display and I was taking them away while she was doing ;)

    @Vintage....isn't it cool!?