CQ Nail Polish Swatches and Pics: Golden Green and Silver Taupe

SO,   I went into Rite Aid today (which I usually never do...why does every Rite Aid look like it is on the brink of being shut down and abandoned?) and was exploring their beauty dept.  While I was there, I picked up 2 nail polishes.  The brand is "CQ" and they are apparently the same company that makes the "Petites" nail polish line there as well.

Here is the first one called "Golden Green", a really cool shade of.....golden....green :)  I loved this one:

Next is "Silver Taupe".  I thought I would love this one, but turns out it is just "eh".  Too sheer in some spots, too much color in others...it just didn't seem to apply evenly:
 It looks pretty nice in the one above, but the flash sorta evened everything out.  In the pic below you can see how it looks darker toward my free edge and lighter on the rest of the nail bed:

These were only $2.99 each, so no big loss with the Silver Taupe.  I love the green, even though I will probably wear it more often in the fall.
Have you ever tried this brand?



  1. Wow. I really like Golden Green. Great blog. I love the name of it. LOL. New follower. =)


  2. Pretty colours :)

  3. I love the look of Silver Taupe! :) I need a good taupe nail polish really. Fabulous swatches hun!

  4. Ahh, dumb old Rite Aid! There aren't any in the whole state of Texas! Golden Green is really pretty. I love that type of color.

  5. We don't have Rite-Aid here in Montreal, but I know what you mean about some of these decrepit looking drugstores!! The Golden Green is really awesome, and the price just makes it that much sweeter! Looks quite a bit like Nars' Mash, as well as another by MAC (name escapes me now, even though I actually have that polish....yeesh!) Even though the other one is kind of neutral, I still like it....maybe cause you made it look good!

  6. Nice colors.