Essie Demure Vixen Pics, Swatches, and Review

Happy Sunday!  Here is my manicure of the day: Essie Demure Vixen!  When I saw my dear pal Jessi review this earlier this week, I stopped what I was doing and immediately ordered it.  It reminded me of a long lost nail polish love of mine, OPI's Mojave Mystic Mauve, an ancient shade from their "Painted Desert" collection that came out around 1998.  It held a special place in my heart because that was the year I went to school to become a nail tech!  I was 18, and I had no idea what I wanted to do.  I made the decision to go and paid for it myself (something I was very proud of).  Until then, I always loved nails....it was something I always noticed about other women- what colors they wore, how the shaped their nails, whether or not they wore their nails "au natural" or favored acrylics.  The one thing I never paid attention to was nail polish brands.  I was trained at school with all OPI products and my school sold all OPI polishes- my nail polish world was changed forever.  So, the current collection at that time was "Painted Desert" which has such amazing shades in it.  Sedona Seduction, Sahara Sapphire (re-released a a year or 2 ago by OPI for a special 20th anniversary collection!), Peel Me A Gobi Grape, and Nomad's Dream to name a few.  But Mojave Mystic Mauve was one of my favs....and one of the few I actually used up and bought another one of!  Besides opting to pay upwards of $40 on an old, crusty bottle of my love, I thought I would never have it again.  Essie's Demure Vixen reminds me of it (or at least how I remembered it).  Dusty mauve with a purple iridescent flash to it!
Sorry for the rambles ;-)  Here are my pics:  (definitely google "Mojave Mystic Mauve" to see the similarities)

Close up of the shimmeryness:

 I love this color....it is a nice neutral and I love Essie's formula.  I used 3 coats for these pictures.
What do you think of this shade?  Would you pay $40 for a 13 year old bottle of nail polish?



  1. I would def not pay $40! haha :) Looks fabulous though

  2. I like this shade way more on other people and in the bottle then on myself ... and that makes me sad because it's so damn pretty.

    No way in hell I'd pay $40 for any polish, unless I have a $35 coupon lol I just can't justify it. I'd rather have 10 pretties vs. just the one.

  3. So does this satisfy for your craving for the OPI? I was looking at pictures of Mojave Mystic Mauve and it seems like maybe the base was a darker than this one? I'm not sure, but they're definitely the same concept and I'm glad i could help you discover Demure Vixen!

    I have so many nail polishes at this point that I might spend $40 on one bottle of nail polish that was extremely special to me. It feels like I have a pretty good range and I prefer to buy a few really special polishes versus 20 that are just slightly different from what I have.

  4. This is a really pretty shade. And definitely not, I wouldn't pay $40 for an old bottle of nail polish. I'm cheap lol. :)

  5. @Vintage, thanks ;) I'm with you....even if I was rich, I don't think I could do it!

    @Miranda, thanks!!! xoxo

    Loodie, ooooh....a $35 coupon would change my mind fo sho' ! I <3 coupons! ahahah

    Jessi, check out Kae's (the hungry asian) swatches : http://www.thehungryasian.com/2009/08/opi-mojave-mystic-mauve-and-some-weird.html
    Her pics look similar, huh? I always remembered the bottle looking darker but the polish applying light....back then I would never even think to do 3 coats! Now I know better :) And, yes, this does satisfy my craving. Thank you , thank you, thank you!! <3

    Frugal, thanks! and i think i would vomit if i actually paid that much on a single shade! lol

  6. This shade is really nice! In the bottle it looks a bit dark, but the shade is very pretty on your nails.


  7. While $40 for a bottle is excessive, it all depends on your priorities; sometimes you cut back on other beauty expenses and treat yourself to that ONE special item....at least, that's how I justify things in my world...lol! As to this shade, it looks absolutely lovely on you Maribeth and you made me realize that I bought this polish when it came out and have NEVER worn it. I will be rectifying that oversight ASAP, thanks to you! :)

  8. this looks great on you! I held the bottle for a good 5 minutes before deciding it would look bad on my skintone. At least it looks fab on everyone else XD