Manicure of The Day: CND Teal Sparkle Over Zoya Shay

I typically change my nail polish everyday, for 2 reasons: #1, I get bored and# 2, I have a bunch of colors to go through and catalog here on my blog.  A sure sign that I am in LOVE with a color?  I haven't changed my polish in days!  (thus resulting the lack of my blogging ;)  But here is my point- I am absolutely loving the new Zoya Touch Collection and I having been wearing both colors all week.  Today I decided to change it up (not really) by wearing "Shay" with CND's Teal Sparkle over it.  Zoya Shay alone has a very fine silver micro shimmer running through it, but the Teal Sparkle top coat just added an extra spark to it.  I tried like crazy to capture the "tealness" of the sparkle, but it is more apparent in real life.

 **Click on pictures once or twice to enlarge**

 You can see more of the teal in this blurry one:

It totally looks like sugar sprinkled all over.  I love it.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE these Zoyas?  hahaha You need them.  That is all.



  1. Very Pretty :)

  2. Those two look gorgeous together! I think you will make a nude polish lover out of me yet! I don't own any of the CND effects, surprisingly, and I think I should remedy that!

  3. The 2 combined makes a nice nude shade.