Manicure of the Day: OPI Shrek Collection "Funky Dunkey"

Ok, so I know I am not alone in doing this- a nail polish comes out, you think its pretty cool but decide to put off buying it (for whatever reason!).  Fast forward a year later and here I am finally trying "Funky Dunkey" from last year's OPI collection.  I originally went to the store looking for "What's With The Cattitude" after seeing the lovely Swatch & Learn review it the other day.   I had been yearning for that color for awhile, but kept putting off buying it.  Well they definitely did not have it today at my store (BOO...hiss! Did I really deserve to find it after waiting so long?), but they did have Funky Dunkey, the sweet dark purple from the same Shrek collection.  It was on sale too!  I originally picked this up thinking I would use it only as a pedicure shade, but once I put it on my toes, I knew it needed to grace my fingers as well. 

This color is ever so slightly less blue toned in "real life".  Here is a shot with no flash to kinda show it's warmness:

I am completely surprised at how much I love this.  So much so that I am adding a new category to label it under...."Psyched", since I say that way too often, but is a word I love.  I am glad I picked it up (plus it was on sale!!).  This is a keeper for sure!  If you run across it, give it a try!  (I love to over use exclamation points apparently!!)



  1. Very pretty colour :)

  2. Aw, I thought I had Funky Dunkey buy I don't. I think at the time I told myself it was too similar to China Glaze's Grape Pop. And it probably still is too much to need both, but that doesn't stop me from wanting it!

    And I'm totally with you on the overuse of exclamation points. I was always have to go back and read what I wrote because it usually end up that every sentence ended in one. I guess I'm just a very enthusiastic person!!! Haha.

  3. Jessi, I do the same thing....I will reread what I wrote and end up having to delete 100 exclamation points ;-)

  4. This looks pretty! I always love purple polish :)

  5. @Vint, isn't it? I love that its dark but still summery!

  6. Love purple & love that this is opaque and no glitter/metallic!!