Manicure of The Day: Sinful Colors UFO

I have been dying for corals lately!  Here is one from Sinful Colors.  It is called "UFO" and it is a coral glitter with a jelly base.  The glitter has a bunch of different shapes and colors mixed in, and has a sort of holographic appearance in "real life".  I tried to capture it, but I think I will have better luck tomorrow when the sun is out for pictures!

**Don't forget to click to zoom in on the glitter!**

I used about 3 coats for these pictures, but this polish dries super quickly so no worries there.
I love Sinful Colors for their glitters....they have tons of them!  The best part is they are only $1.99, so you can't go wrong. I will add more pics in the sun tomorrow!


  1. Oooh, I'm with ya. I've been obsessed with corals and oranges for a few months now. My obsesions usually only last a few weeks at the most, but this one is strong! I actually don't own this Sinful, but that will soon be remedied! I had one Sinful glitter I would do like 7 coats with just to get it opaque and it dried surprisingly quickly for 7 coats. I don't have that kind of patience anymore though, haha!

  2. Like this! Very interesting shade, I love corals

  3. oh sweet sweet sparkle!! I also love that these are $1.99. And sometimes they have $1 coupons or on sale ZOMG!! Aside from that I hunt for their flakie versions (red ocean, blue ocean etc.), but can never find them, blarg! Maybe one day!