Manicure of the Day: Tie-Dye Shatter Look w/ Sinful Colors Neons

For this look,  I started out with just a white nail polish for a base (I used Wet N Wild Graffiti)...only did one coat since I wasn't concerned with this showing through, just wanted to make my colors more opaque:

Then I did vertical stripes of the Sinful Colors on my nails.  This is fun because you can do tons of different combos and you don't have to be "perfect" with the lines...you are just going to put the Shatter over it.   First I used Sinful Colors "Cream Pink" :

Then I added the Orange ("Summer Peach"), Yellow ("Neon Melon"), and Green ("Irish Green"):

Then I waited for the colors to dry and did 1 coat of OPI's black Shatter over...my right hand came out a little "chunkier" than my left hand did (the pic at the beginning of this post):

What do you think of it?  It totally reminds me of something from the 80's/early 90's that I owned...a   t-shirt or something?!  Kind of fun way to wear neons for summer.



  1. Oh wow, this looks amazing! I'm so terrible at nail art, but I think even I could pull this off. I don't have either the yellow or the orange neon Sinful yet, but now I need them!

  2. OMG! I love it. I'm definitely gonna have to try this out. To me it looks kinda tribal inspired. Which I've heard is very in right now lol. Great job. =>

  3. This is beautiful! I absolutely love it! Even though I'm not into nail art, seeing this gives me tons of combinations I want to try! You inspire me! :)

  4. I didn't know Wet N Wild did the Graffiti polishes!

    I love this, very colorful :)

  5. Definitely fun and funky! It's like you single-handedly (or rather double-handedly) brought back the rockin' eighties!