Manicure of The Day: Zoya Crystal

Here is yet another Zoya I picked up during their Earth Day promo.  This is a cool color...Zoya Crystal is a shimmery blue base with gold fleck glitter mixed in!

In this shot you can see the darker side of this color....so cool:

This covered completely with only 2 coats.  I sometimes need to do 3 with some of Zoya's glitters, but this one is pretty opaque.  LOVE!



  1. I love this one, too! I had been wanting OPI's Reflecting Pool for the longest time but there was really no way I could get it without paying like 30 bucks on eBay, if it was even there, as it was a Europe and Asia exclusive. It turns out that this one is a perfect dupe for the OPI. I was super excited when it was released!

  2. Love how it catches the light! :)
    - Mary

  3. I've yet to try any Zoya nail polishes, and I'm really jealous! They all seem to be such beautiful colors, and this one is no exception. I love how it takes very few coats to get opaque. It looks lovely on your nails :)


  4. This one is such a stunner! And since it's apparently a dead-on dupe for OPI's Reflecting Pool (and no longer readily available, not that it was available in North America to begin with!), it's such a prize! Looks wonderful on you....can't wait to wear it myself! :)

  5. very pretty :)