Manicure of The Day: Zoya Pasha

Yay for more Zoyas!  After trying out the 2 new shades from the new Touch collection, I have been in a neutral mood.  Thankfully I still had this color to try; Pasha.  Zoya describes Pasha on their website as "a soft, pale, taupe-kissed beige nude with silver frost and the barest hint of silver microglitter".  I really loved this color too.  It is darker than any of those in the Touch collection but just as pretty and neutral.  Here are a boat load of pictures in different lights (did I just use the phrase "boat load"?  Indeed...) :

What do you think of this one?  If you click on the pictures, you can see more of the microglitter they talk of.  Way cool!
Now I am going to watch "The Rite", against my will (haha, not really) I hate scary movies but my husband is insisting we watch this.  Stress!  BLAH!


  1. This color is gorgeous! I have not seen this at our local stores. Dang! Do love Zoya though and well nail polishes in general. We hoard polishes! We are now following you and would love for you to stop by our blog and follow back if you like.

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. I like this, it's like nude but still brown-ish!

  3. great colour :)