OPI Nice Stems Collection: Pictures, Swatches and Review

After much anticipation (and stalking of my local beauty supply), I finally got my grubby hands on the new OPI summer collection, "Nice Stems".  This collection features 4 polishes, all named for flowers.  2 medium pinks, 1 light pink, and 1 pink glitter top coat.  Sound boring or like pink overload?  Hardly!

Warning: Super pic heavy post ahead! I loved each color so much, I had to go into great detail photo-wise ;-)

First up is "Come To Poppy", a coral-y medium pink with fine shimmer running throughout.  Such an awesome color for summer!

  And here is a quick shot with a layer of the glitter topcoat over it....so pretty:

Next up, "Be a Dahlia Won't You?"....a shimmery, glittery, semi-sheer hot pink with a blueish tone to it.  I used 2 coats in these photos, but looking now I probably would do 3 next time for a more full coverage look:

  And with "I Lily Love You" on top:

I saved my fav for last: Play The Peonies.  This is a soft, shimmery, whitish pink.  When I read my friend Eugenia's description (Ommorphia Beauty Bar) and saw her pics, I knew I NEEDED it.  She likened it to a pink version of my favorite shade of light blue from OPI's recent Texas Collection, "I Vant To Be Alone Star", and it really is just that!  LOVE this:

Basically, magic happens when you put "I Lily Love You" over "Play The Peonies".  The sheer pink jelly base hue in this glitter polish changes the white cast of 'Peonies' to make it look simply amazing.  

 **be sure to click on these to see the glitter up close and personal!**
  Sighhhhh.....it reminds me of some sort of Barbie accessory I had as a little girl.

I didn't get a pic of  "I Lily Love You" by its lonesome.  Here is a close up shot of the bottle though:
The glitter in this sucker is different than any other OPI glitter I've owned in the past.  It has different sizes and shapes and chunks and teeny bits of glitter and foil-type pieces, all mashed in there.  Way cool and way different.

I am adding this collection to my "Psyched" category.  It is simply awesome!  Each and every polish applied perfectly, and I would buy them all again in a second!  Give them a try for sure <3


  1. Play The Peonies is gorgeous! Looks great on you!

  2. I think I've told that I've been crazy for pink lately and I reaaally want this collection. At least I want the glitter. I probably won't end up getting any just because I have spent way too much money recently. :-/

  3. Thanks ladies! And Jessi, I hear you! I think every single extra cent I have lately goes to nail polish or beauty items! (really though, thats nothing new ;-)

  4. Play The Peonies is so YOU, Maribeth! Looks stunning on you, with & without I Lily Love You layered over it! And you're so right about Come To Poppy being such a fab Summer shade...I love that one too! PS: Thanks for the shout out, my friend! Hugs!