OPI Serena Williams Glam Slam Duo: Grape...Set...Match and Servin up Sparkle Review

Whoa, this is one cool duo!  I bought it thinking I'd get a nice purple and a cool glitter. I saw some swatches and thought they were worth a try.  These 2 colors are so pretty and you cannot truly appreciate them until you have them on your own nails and watch the shimmer and glitter dance around as you move your fingers!

First I will show you "Grape...Set...Match" by itself. This is a shimmery purple with very obvious pink and blue glitter mixed in.  It is difficult to capture  the pink and blue in pictures, as they both kinda meld together and look....purple.  Trust me, you need to see this in person:

I think the closest thing I have to this is Wet N Wild "Sea Witch":
Sea Witch is darker and less glittery, but they are slightly similar.  I prefer Grape...Set...Match for its amazing glittery side!

And here is "Servin Up Sparkle" on top.  This glitter top coat has micro glitter and chunkier holographic glitter pieces too:

 Reminds me of sugar, sprinkled on top:

Seriously...here is a blurred shot- LOOK at that!

I really didn't expect to love this as much as I do.  This is a fab duo, and both colors work alone too.  Can't wait to try "Servin up Sparkle" on a black polish!

<3 MB


  1. The combo is so unique and gorgeous!

  2. love the combo! that is such a pretty purple color.

  3. OMG Maribeth.....these look freaking AWESOME on you! I've swatched them myself, but I love them against your skin tone way better! Very purty, indeed!