Summer Favorites, Jewelry Edition: Barbara Bixby Shangri-La Ring

So it is finally starting to feel a little bit more like summer up here in my corner of the USA.  This is my first summer in Oregon, and I am not used to it being so cool (60's-70's) so far into June! (I know it's not officially summer yet, but everywhere else seems to look like it is!) Looking at the map of the weather on TV in the morning, we are the only area (along with Washington state) that are not all lit up in yellow, orange, and red!

Here is one of my favorite accessories for summer, a ring I got as a gift last year for Mother's Day.  The designer is Barbara Bixby and her pieces are phenomenal.  They are whimsical and pretty and DIFFERENT, which I love.  This sterling silver ring has a blue topaz in the center, but because it is a cabochon stone, it has such a unique look to it.   I also love the little flower details that are in gold on the sides:

 It has small white topaz stones around the center stone.  You can see the gold flowers on the side....it a cool way to wear a silver and gold piece:
The attention to detail is not spared anywhere; even on the base of the band, there is a little flower design:

The milky blue topaz color makes me think of tropical water....I love this shade for summer!  I also love the name of the ring and everything it brings to mind...a mystical earthly paradise.

Definitely check out her website if you get a chance....http://www.bixbydesigns.com/.  Her pieces are also sold on QVC.



  1. That ring is gorgeous! I'm usually not a fan of gold jewelery but the gold accents really add to it. This is exactly the type of ring if I ever remembered to wear jewelry and I didn't have fat sausage fingers, haha. I like your taste, ma'am!

  2. That is a gorgeous ring!

  3. What a beautiful ring...it looks almost vintage and so full of history! The center stone is just gorgeous and so romantic! What a wonderful Mother's Day gift, Maribeth! The best part? It looks stunning against your skin tone (really cool nail shade too!)