Zoya Touch Collection

  Zoya's recently released new "Touch" collection is comprised of 3 nude shades.  I have 2 of them to show you today! (I skipped "Minka", since I thought she was way too yellow for me).  After overloading on brights and glitters lately, these sweet nudes were exactly what I needed!

First up is Shay, described by Zoya as  " A dense, fleshy light peach with slight orange-red undertones and a hint of pearly silver shimmer."   

I loved this one! A warm shade that actually looks decent on my skin tone.   The soft shimmer adds a perfect gleam to this shade.  Side note, I totally love the name "Shay".  It was on my list each time I was pregnant for my "girl" name.  Alas, I only produce boys, so it will never be used by me!  

Next up is Pandora.  Pandora is " A medium pink-beige nude with blue and mauve undertones and a hint of pearly silver shimmer" according to Zoya.com.  This is everything I wanted butter London's Yummy Mummy to be.  Not too brown, not too warm or cool.  Just perfect neutrality with visible shimmer.

 Click to see more shimmery-ness:

So, I am absolutely enamored with these 2 colors.  I ordered them fully expecting that I would like one more than the other, but they are both completely fantastic.  The formula is opaque in 2 coats giving you full coverage.  The shimmer in each makes them special.  I am almost wondering if I should give "Minka" a whirl since these were so awesome.  I highly recommend these to anyone looking for the perfect neutral nail polish shade!

***Edited to add*** I ended up trying Minka and love it!  See review here.


  1. They look great, Shay reminds me so much of Nude Beach by Honeybee Gardens!

  2. Ugh, Blogger is being a butthole and won't let me comment. I hope this one goes through...

    Yours are the best pictures I have seen yet of these polishes! It's almost enough to make me want them even though I only wear nude polishes like once a year.

  3. Vintage, I'm so surprised how much I like Shay...I thought it would be too matchy with my skin, but I think that's why I love it!

    And Jessi, You NEED at least one ;-) PS, I hate when Blogger is a butthole...LMAO!

  4. I love these! Especially Pandora!