China Glaze Heaven Nail Polish Pictures and Review

Hello there!  Tonight I decided to try out a color from China Glaze that I had picked up recently.  "Heaven" is  a light, peachy pink polish that is sort of half shimmer half frost.  I found it to be very sheer and, not being a fan of a visible nail line, I did 3 coats of it for these pics.  The formula was decent, a tad thicker than I would've liked, but not terrible.  I find that CG polish brushes tend to hold onto a lot of extra polish, so making sure you wipe off the most excess you can, while still being able to cover your nail can be tricky.

I wasn't expecting this to be an almost perfect match to my skin tone!  Accidental "mannequin hands" ;-)

While this is certainly a pretty neutral, I still have not found anything in the "nude" department that compares to my beloved  Zoya Touch Collection, which has the perfect formula & colors ;)

I don't own many China Glaze products, so I am trying to step out of my box a little and explore them!

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China Glaze Crackle Polish "Oxidized Aqua" (Pictures and Review)

OMGz, am I really talking about Crackle polish AGAIN?  Each time I buy one, I swear I am never going to again.  They are neat, but I never really love them.  I stopped by my CosmoProf tonight and they had the metallic crackles from China Glaze, and they looked so cute I figured I had to give them a whirl.

I picked up Oxidized Aqua and put it on top of OPI's Onyx, a creme black.

The thing I love about crackle top coats is the base color doesn't need to be "perfect"....my black came out sort of patchy, even after 2 coats but no worries- Oxidized Aqua will mask my baldness!

So I am happy that I gave into my "No more Crackle, Shatter polish" ban and tried this one because I really love it.  The metallic aqua is such a pretty contrast to the black base.  I will definitely be keeping this one ;-)

Have a lovely weekend!
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New Sally Hansen Nail Polish For Fall: Set The Stage

Here is another color from Sally Hansen's newest fall display of  "Xtreme Wear" nail polishes...Set The Stage is a gold glitter and I was so sure that it would be comparable to OPI's Spark de Triomphe.  I took it home fully expecting to do a side by side "dupe" comparision.  But my memory was playing tricks on me because when I pulled out both to compare, I realized they are NOTHING alike.

This was 2 coats of OPI and 3 of the Sally Hansen:

As you can see, Spark de Triomphe is much denser than Set the Stage.

I decided to layer "Set The Stage" over Essie's "Allure" for my full manicure....

(2 coats of Allure and 2 coats of Set the Stage)

I was so sure that I would be trading away my OPI, but I guess I need to keep both of these ;-)

There are a few more glitters from Sally Hansen's fall displays that I really want to try.  Have you found these near you yet?

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New Sally Hansen Nail Polish for Fall: Pumpkin Spice

Yay!  I get so excited when I see new polish displays set up for Fall.  Here is a Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polish named "Pumpkin Spice".  This polish has a sheer black base with burnt orange glitter mixed in. Very Halloweeny, but I decided I had to try it TODAY!  It reminds me of this Betsey Johnson bag (the bronze one, not the pink...although that one is lovely too)  that I keep passing in Nordstrom and really want...(in person, the sequins are much more warmer toned, which is why it reminds me of this polish).   I need to somehow justify to myself how many sequined purses I possibly need to own....hmmmp....I can't help it!  They call to me.

I layered Pumpkin Spice over OPI's Onyx for these pictures:

Whatcha think?
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Nail Polish Combo Of The Day: OPI Teenage Dream over You Don't Know Jacques!

How's your Thursday going?  It is unseasonably chilly up here in the Pacific Northwest....today's high is 65.  65 in JULY?  Are ya kidding me?  I am still getting used to this weather. It is usually in the 90's back home in Massachusetts by now.  It definitely does not feel "summery", although I am loving the lack of humidity that usually plagues me, my hair, & my makeup this time of year.

Today I am wearing a combo of OPI's 'You Don't Know Jacques!' with 'Teenage Dream' on top.  I did this combo before, but my nails were tiny stubs back then, so I had to give it another go now that they are being more well behaved and growing.

YDKJ is a mushroomy color with brown and gray tones.  It has a sort of melted chocolate quality to it as well, but that could just be my overwhelming sweet tooth talking (sigh, I am trying to watch my sugar/carbs! ).

This is such a pretty neutral.  Loving any combo of brown and pink, I had to see what 'Teenage Dream' would add to this.  Teenage Dream is a pink based glitter with holographic pieces mixed in.  This came out with the OPI Katy Perry collection a little while back (see the other glitter, Last Friday Night, reviewed here).

I did one coat of Teenage Dream for these pictures:

What are your thoughts on this combo?

Hope you are all having better weather than I am ;-)

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Bare Minerals Prime Time Primer Shadow: Bronzed Twig (Pictures and Review)

Today I tried a new addition to the Bare Minerals line : Prime Time Primer Shadow.  These are basically an eye shadow and an eye primer in one (genius!).   Because of this, you get great color plus great staying power and crease prevention!
The color I tried is called "Bronzed Twig", described by Bare Minerals as "iced chocolate"...yum:

I used my finger to sweep the primer shadow onto my eye lid.  Note: a tiny bit is all you need...these go a LONG way!  I then used the eye shadow "Buck", a matte medium brown (from Urban Decay's Naked Palette) in the crease to blend, then the color "Virgin" (also from Naked Palette) as a highlight color.

These pictures were taken 10 HOURS after I did my makeup....the primer shadow wore wonderfully all day!

These are truly fantastic!  They come in 5 other colors and I think the hoarder in me needs them all!!! What do you think of them?
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Nail Polish Of The Day: Nubar Chocolate Caramel

Mmmm....today I am wearing Nubar's Chocolate Caramel and it does indeed remind me of chocolate and caramel.  Glowy, golden brown and shimmery, this color almost has a tinge of green to it.  This was from Nubar's "Chocolate Truffles" collection that came out awhile back.  The other polish I tried from this collection, Raspberry Truffle was beautiful as well...  I think I may need to order the rest of the "Truffles"!

Enough gabbing...onward to the pictures!!

I simply love every Nubar I have ever tried.  The formula is SUPERB.  If you haven't tried them, you MUST NOW!  :)

Have a great week!!

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Tarte For True Blood Limited Edition Palette (Pictures and Review)

Aaaah Sundays....my favorite part of Sunday is watching True Blood.  When I saw that Tarte had recently come out with a new True Blood themed palette, I started getting that itch.....you know, when you want something but have no real good reason to actually buy it?  Did I really need anymore eyeshadows?  Hmmm.  I tried to talk myself out of it, but it would not go away.  I had to go to Sephora and just check it out in person...you know, just to see that I didn't need it, right?  Wrong.  I went to Sephora and the sales lady helped me find it.  We swatched the colors together and it was love....True love....hahaha, ok that was corny.  But since it was my birthday, I decided there was no better excuse than to indulge...

Here are some pics, and an eye look I did with the palette:

The packaging is unbelievably cute.  A faux leather corset design, c'mon.....how adorable.  It also comes with a look card entitled, "Glamour Me".

Inside there are 17 eyeshadows, all named for "Trueby" things.  The set also come with a mini primer, a mini mascara, and a full size "EmphasEYEs" Gel Liner.  The palette has a mirror inside as well.
***Click on pictures to enlarge***

You can sorta see the blue shimmer in "Nocturnal" ...so cool.  I love "Glamour Me" as well...

"Immortal" and "Moss" were patchier than I would have liked...although I forgot to use primer on my skin before doing these last 5 swatches, so that probably would've helped :/

This gel liner was a surprise to me.  I loved it!  It is so smooth and glides so easily.  I would definitely buy this again!

You also get the mini primer:
 And a mini mascara:

In these pictures I used "Waitress" all over my lid, "The Light" on my browbone, and "V" in my crease.  "V" is my favorite and the main reason I wanted this kit.

Natural light:

So after all that, I am glad I bought this. This kit has everything- neutrals, mattes, and glimmers, with a few *pops* of color thrown in.  I love the True Bloodiness of this kit and I would buy it again in a second! :)