China Glaze Crackle Polish "Oxidized Aqua" (Pictures and Review)

OMGz, am I really talking about Crackle polish AGAIN?  Each time I buy one, I swear I am never going to again.  They are neat, but I never really love them.  I stopped by my CosmoProf tonight and they had the metallic crackles from China Glaze, and they looked so cute I figured I had to give them a whirl.

I picked up Oxidized Aqua and put it on top of OPI's Onyx, a creme black.

The thing I love about crackle top coats is the base color doesn't need to be "perfect"....my black came out sort of patchy, even after 2 coats but no worries- Oxidized Aqua will mask my baldness!

So I am happy that I gave into my "No more Crackle, Shatter polish" ban and tried this one because I really love it.  The metallic aqua is such a pretty contrast to the black base.  I will definitely be keeping this one ;-)

Have a lovely weekend!
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  1. Wow, this combo is gorgeous. I have a black crackle but don't particularly care for it. I much prefer the metallic crackles. I'll have to get a few of these!

  2. I am with you....I am so "over" black crackle...hahahah. Somehow, even though this is on top of a black and is a similar effect, it is refreshing. ;)

  3. Oooh so pretty! I need these metal crackles,they're so lovely!

  4. Oxidized Aqua has got to be my fave from this collection too! Love how it looks over the black (we're in sync! I paired it over a-england's Camelot, a deep black as well!) - makes me think of lush brocade fabrics! Looks so pretty on you, Maribeth!