China Glaze Heaven Nail Polish Pictures and Review

Hello there!  Tonight I decided to try out a color from China Glaze that I had picked up recently.  "Heaven" is  a light, peachy pink polish that is sort of half shimmer half frost.  I found it to be very sheer and, not being a fan of a visible nail line, I did 3 coats of it for these pics.  The formula was decent, a tad thicker than I would've liked, but not terrible.  I find that CG polish brushes tend to hold onto a lot of extra polish, so making sure you wipe off the most excess you can, while still being able to cover your nail can be tricky.

I wasn't expecting this to be an almost perfect match to my skin tone!  Accidental "mannequin hands" ;-)

While this is certainly a pretty neutral, I still have not found anything in the "nude" department that compares to my beloved  Zoya Touch Collection, which has the perfect formula & colors ;)

I don't own many China Glaze products, so I am trying to step out of my box a little and explore them!

<3 Mb

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  1. This is so pretty and is a great everyday polish!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings