Nail Polish Combo Of The Day: OPI Teenage Dream over You Don't Know Jacques!

How's your Thursday going?  It is unseasonably chilly up here in the Pacific Northwest....today's high is 65.  65 in JULY?  Are ya kidding me?  I am still getting used to this weather. It is usually in the 90's back home in Massachusetts by now.  It definitely does not feel "summery", although I am loving the lack of humidity that usually plagues me, my hair, & my makeup this time of year.

Today I am wearing a combo of OPI's 'You Don't Know Jacques!' with 'Teenage Dream' on top.  I did this combo before, but my nails were tiny stubs back then, so I had to give it another go now that they are being more well behaved and growing.

YDKJ is a mushroomy color with brown and gray tones.  It has a sort of melted chocolate quality to it as well, but that could just be my overwhelming sweet tooth talking (sigh, I am trying to watch my sugar/carbs! ).

This is such a pretty neutral.  Loving any combo of brown and pink, I had to see what 'Teenage Dream' would add to this.  Teenage Dream is a pink based glitter with holographic pieces mixed in.  This came out with the OPI Katy Perry collection a little while back (see the other glitter, Last Friday Night, reviewed here).

I did one coat of Teenage Dream for these pictures:

What are your thoughts on this combo?

Hope you are all having better weather than I am ;-)

<3 MB


  1. What a gorgeous color! The combo is stunning, and very unusual, but I love it. :)

  2. Maribeth, you seriously have the most unique colour sense of anyone I've ever come across....I LOVE this combination! Heck, I love all your combos...they are inspired! You make me want to run out and copy every single one...lol! Your nails look stunning, by the way, as do your swatches and do I detect some photography changes as well?! Whatever it is you're doing, it's working! Great post xx

  3. Oh, I want to wear this combo! Its stunning!

  4. Wowwwwwww, I love this combo!! is awesome

  5. I love it, the combo is very unique.


  6. YDKJ looks lovely and creamy on you!

  7. Try Teenage Dream over Essie's Lady Like. Great combo!