Nail Polish of the Day: Butter London Victoriana

Happy 4th of July!  Here is my polish of the day, Victoriana by butter London.  I always love Butter's formula and their colors are very different from other lines.  This shade is a dusty teal with micro silver shimmer.  Observe:

If you have never seen a butter London bottle in person, here is how the top looks....the cap comes off to reveal a smaller handle for the brush:

I love the bird (wearing a crown...how cute!) on their polishes:

This polish covers really well, and if you did a thick enough coat you could probably get away with just one.  I have been having peeling issues, so I am trying to do 2 suuuper thin coats to see if that helps.  (I have been switching up my base and top coat, but I haven't found that magic formula yet,  I am open to suggestions!).  Drying time on all of the butter London polishes I've tried have been AMAZING.  They dry very fast.

Hope you are enjoying the transition into summer!  It is finally starting to feel summery in Oregon.  We might actually hit the mid 80's this week!  I want to get some Washington cherries...I keep seeing them at the market and I am dying to try them!



  1. Not only do I like the color, but I'm loving the shimmer finish. Wow!


  2. I still haven't tried any Butter London polishes. Why does my Ulta have to be so far away?! Well, it's not THAT far, just that Sephora is a lot closer and I usually end up stopping there instead and there goes all my money!

    Oooh, mid 80s sounds nice! That would be practically cold here! Now I want some cherries. I always love when cherry season comes around.

  3. Jessi, you really need to try one! I hate the idea of spending $14 on one polish, so I wait until I have my Ulta "$3.50 off $10 or more" coupon...it makes it a little more digestible!

    Fiona, thanks! The shimmer is so cool in this one.

  4. This colour is to DIE for!!! Other than teals, I love greys and well, dusty looking shades in general and Victoriana seems to be marrying both teal with grey and a pinch of dustiness thrown in! I have been staring at swatches of this one forever...time to do something about it! Love this on you!!!