Nail Polish Of The Day: Essie Allure (pictures and review)

Happy Friday!  Today's polish choice was Essie's "Allure", described by Essie as a seductive sheer with a natural finish.  It's not quite white, not quite clear, and not beige.  It has zero color, but is a great polish to give you that perfectly manicured look without trying too hard.  Oh, and Prince William's lovely wife, The Duchess of Cambridge (formerly Kate Middleton) wore this shade on their wedding day!  (edited to add: her manicurist mixed this with another blush colored polish to create a custom look) How cool.

This was 3 coats of this "Non-color" color.  I do love the finish it gives, a nice shiny almost jelly-like glaze.  Very clean looking and perfect for work or a wedding manicure!

Have a fantabulous weekend!!!

<3 MB


  1. didn't she wear this one mixed with something else to give it a pink tinge? I actually want this one because it does give that nice polished (no pun intended) look without screaming out with color

    1. It was mixed with Bourjois So Laque Nail Enamel in Rose Lounge but it is only sold in the UK. It might be on ebay.

  2. @ Lyndsay ...she did! I forget the brand right now, but I love how celebrity manicurists custom mix for their clients...so cool! :)

  3. Unrelated, but I love the new design!

  4. I love this shade....it's a perfect "palate cleanser", especially after one overdoses on all the dark, or wild or glittery polishes...looks beautiful against your skin tone as well (but then again, everything does!) The other shade that Kate's manicurist mixed with Allure is from the French line Bourjois and the name of the polish is 'Rose Lounge' - unfortunately, the line is available in Europe and Canada only (Sephora used to carry it). After trying both out, believe me when I say that 3 coats of Allure gives the same effect as mixing the two; any differences were negligible. Hope this helps!

  5. PS: Love the new layout and colour scheme, Maribeth!! So pretty!

  6. @ Vintage, thanks :)

    and Eugenia, I remember when Sephora carried Bourjois....I LOVED their lip glosses. Bummer that they are no longer there. Thanks for the info on Rose Lounge! :)

  7. I probably would never wear this, not because it's not pretty (cause it is), but because I am pretty obnoxious when it comes to my color choices. This is so ladylike!

  8. Look at the pictures to see why I would never wear this color. Splotchy as hell.

  9. Look at the pictures to see why I would never wear this color. Splotchy as hell.