Nail Polish Of The Day: Essie Borrowed and Blue (Pictures and Review)

Are you sick of my Essie pics yet?  Here is one more post!  "Borrowed & Blue" is a sky blue creme in Essie's new 2011 Wedding Collection.  I love the idea of a bride wearing this as her pedicure color for her "something blue".  Damn I wish I thought of that for my wedding.  I found this one to be a tad streaky application-wise, but not as difficult as Fiji was.

I just had to try Essie's "Kisses & Bises" on top of this to see how it would look....

I just love Kisses & Bises....it adds such a nice finish to any creme!

So, what do you think of a blue polish in a wedding collection?  Do you love it or are you more of a traditionalist?

<3 MB


  1. Ahh, I can't get over how amazing Kisses and Bises is. Maybe some day I'll find it...

  2. I so want the Kisses & Bises! It looks beautiful:)

  3. Beautiful! Baby blue is always gorgeous

  4. Borrowed and Blue is so gorgeous and Kisses & Bises just makes it that much more gorgeous. =>

  5. We adore ESSIE! And it's crazy because in Richmond, VA we have yet to find Borrowed & Blue. It just doesn't exist in out city! :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. I love this color. It's so pretty.