Nail Polish of the Day: Essie Fiji (pictures and review)

Continuing down the line with my recent Essie acquisitions, I chose to wear "Fiji" today and quickly regretted it.  Don't get me wrong, this creamy pink is an extremely pretty shade, but the application was HEINOUS.  Streaky, patchy, & blobby, I needed 3 THICK coats of this atrociously behaved polish to get it to even out.  It did eventually look decent, but I predict a major peel fest later on.  Anytime I sense that my nail polish is thick, even after drying, I tend to pick and peel it off (in one swift "sheet", I might add).

Here are a thousand pictures of this color:

It almost has a "day glow" quality to it.  Here it is with the lighting lowered on my camera...you can see what I mean:

A few more shots:

I may give this another try when I have more patience.  I think that if I did 3 extremely thin coats, but waited in between for each to dry COMPLETELY, then I would have more luck.  I will have to reserve that, however, for when I feel like spending hours on my nails!  

Enjoy your day :)

<3 MB


  1. So pretty! It reminds me of bride nails, like for weddings they always have that type of colour :)

  2. This nail polish is so gorgeous, but everyone that talks about it, says that the application sucks. I love the shade, but I don't think I'd ever buy it. :)

  3. I should have done my research before buying it for sure...that's what I get! Lol

  4. This is a very pretty colour on you - very elegant. It's such a shame about the formula.
    - Mary