Nail Polish of the Day: Essie Sand Tropez with Kisses & Bisses

Ulta has Essie's on sale this week... Buy 2 and you get 1 free!  Here are 2 out of a few that I picked up, Sand Tropez and Kisses & Bises.

First, here is Sand Tropez by itself.  Described by Essie as a soft sandy beige, this color totally reminds me of my favorite drink, iced coffee (I love mine with tons of cream!):

  A nice, shiny creme neutral is just what I needed today!

Then I layered it with one coat of "Kisses & Bises", a milky, opalescent polish with a pink shimmer:

I lowered the lighting on my camera to try and capture the shimmer.  It is very cool!

I had to Google, "bises" because I had no clue what this polish was referencing.  Apparently it refers to the way the French smooch each other on the cheek, or can also be used  as a cheery way to end a letter, similar to saying, "Kisses, Insert Your Name Here".   Who knew?  I feel my mental abilities are being tested with these polish names lately ;-)  

These colors are both winners.  I can't wait to try "Kisses & Bises" over everything!!!  Look for more Essies soon...I will be stocking up with the sale!  Also, if you are an Ulta member and get coupons from them, they frequently send out the "$3.50 off a $10 or more purchase" and you can use that on Essie (some brands are excluded) so , you can get all 3 polishes (buy 2 get 1 free) for a total of $12.50.  That's a little over $4 bucks each!  Well worth it!!!


  1. Yum I'm jugging coffee as we speak and Sand Tropez seems like the perfect compliment. OH and it looks like you may have found a mannequin hand color :)

    I love that Kisses and Bises tid bit. Yay I learned something new.

    I love Ulta + coupons. This is really the only way I buy OPI and Essie in a retail store. Otherwise, you can't beat local nail supply store prices!

  2. Sand Tropez looks just so beautiful on you; it seems to look washed out on practically everyone else, but is so complimentary on you! Another little tidbit to add to your collection: 'Bises' (pronounced like "beez" in French) actually means kisses! That's what you get when you live in a French-speaking province like I do....unfortunately free language lessons...lol!!

  3. @ loodie, this definitely is a mannequin hands shade for me! Maybe I should refrain from telling people how much cream I use in my coffee....it's very light ;-) The saddest thing is that after I moved to the West Coast from Boston, I discovered that the do not sell "light" cream here, only "half & half". I guess light is a North East thing? What the H! I SO miss it.

    @Eugenia, I should have just asked you about bises! hahahaha I forgot I had a French connection! I live in a hipster-speaking city, so if you ever need help there, I will try! LOL <3

  4. I've been wanting Kisses & Bises so bad but it's always sold out in every display I see! Now I reaaaally need to go to Ulta just so I can use my $3.50 off coupon.

  5. Jessi, I think I only had luck because the Ulta I went to JUST opened this past week, so they were fully stocked on everything. I had been searching for Kiss and Sand Tropez for a bit now too!

  6. Sand Tropez is one of my favorites! Love your blog!

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