Nail Polish Of The Day: Nubar Chocolate Caramel

Mmmm....today I am wearing Nubar's Chocolate Caramel and it does indeed remind me of chocolate and caramel.  Glowy, golden brown and shimmery, this color almost has a tinge of green to it.  This was from Nubar's "Chocolate Truffles" collection that came out awhile back.  The other polish I tried from this collection, Raspberry Truffle was beautiful as well...  I think I may need to order the rest of the "Truffles"!

Enough gabbing...onward to the pictures!!

I simply love every Nubar I have ever tried.  The formula is SUPERB.  If you haven't tried them, you MUST NOW!  :)

Have a great week!!

<3 MB


  1. Ooh that is stunning. I sort of dismissed this collection as just a lot of browns, how wrong I was!

  2. This is GORGEOUS! Never seen a colour like it :)

  3. Lillian, me too! Now i need them alllll!!!!

    VIntage, isn't it different? I love it for fall <3

  4. So pretty! It reminds me of NARS' Desperado, then again it could even be a recent Dior release (Czarina? The name escapes me now!). It looks really beautiful on you and I love your swatches, Maribeth! I need to find out where I can get my hands on some Nubar in Montreal!!!

  5. We've never heard of this brand so thanks for turning us on to something new. And the color is gorgeous!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings